LYL PODCAST EPISODE 025: Capture What Matters with Beryl Young

Capture What Matters by Dr Michelle Gordon

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There’s a well-known saying that goes, “A picture says a thousand words.” To begin with, anyone can pick up a camera today and capture what matters most to them. A photograph can easily bring back all our good memories. Mothers, especially those in their menopausal years, can learn photography and use it as a tool to enrich their lives.

CEO and founder of Momtography Beryl Young joins us in today’s episode. In addition, Beryl is a former elementary school teacher, and her passion for teaching led her to develop the “Momtography Method.” She offers photography education to a community of moms who want to capture, develop, and preserve photographs while being joyful in the process.

To begin with, in this episode, Beryl talks about establishing Momtography and her experience with menopausal moms and empty nesters. She will also share different insights on the various techniques in capturing photos, and how photography can also foster connection, creativity, and confidence in mothers. Moreover, If you are into photography or you want to learn more about it, be sure to tune in!

Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(4:10) How Beryl discovered photography and started to help empty nesters

(7:45) Challenges that those who want to learn photography will encounter

(12:11) Knowing the purpose for buying a camera

(12:51) Recommendation for interchangeable cameras

(17:09) The power of editing

(18:50) Technical aspects of a camera

(22:14) Independence from automatic function

(25:28) Experimenting with the portrait mode on iPhone

(28:54) Troubleshooting DSLR camera lens problems

(30:45) When to have your camera cleaned

(33:16) Recommendations for learning photography

(36:26) Photography for women entrepreneurs

(41:45) Talking about technical photography for beginners

Furthermore, You may learn more about Beryl’s mission and Momtography at her website: Momtography.

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Lastly, I hope this podcast encouraged you to pursue photography. Thanks for tuning in!

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