LYL PODCAST EPISODE 132: Embracing Transitions

I’m 57 and I’m really proud of my body. I’m proud of the life I’ve created. And it’s thanks to menopause. I know. How can I thank menopause when all it brought me was 50 pounds of additional weight, a brain fog that affected my job as a surgeon, and lack of sleep? Menopause taught […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 134: Powerful Breath

There’s a lot of different breathing practices and techniques. Some are for relaxation, stress reduction, sleeping better, while some of them are energizing. But there’s breathwork that is more intense. It heals past traumas and clears suppressed emotions. Emotions are energy too. Everytime we swallow our emotions because we’re afraid of conflict, it gets in […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 135: Can’t Means Can

I was never one to let anyone tell me what I could do. I took a Biology class in high school and I remember what happened on the first day: I was joking around with my friends that were in the class, and the teacher said, “I know who’s going to do well in this […]

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