LYL PODCAST EPISODE 117: Unfunk Yourself with Zack Rutledge

Coming out of depression is really hard. And one of the things that we have to do is look at all the things that we’re choosing to believe at the time. Usually women who go into depression gain weight for the most part. And with the lower estrogen levels during menopause… It’s not surprising that […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 113: Love Notes to My Body

I grew up with self-loathing and developed hatred for my body. And when menopause happened for me, I had to transition. Weight piled on to my body, and my clothes didn’t fit… I looked in the mirror and hated myself. And that came not from menopause but from ballet when I was a child. My […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 100: Choosing Courage

Would you agree with me right away if I tell you that you can still live the best life possible while in menopause? I mean I haven’t stopped believing that you can… But out of all the times you’ve heard that you can still get your life back, have you heard another voice in your […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 092: Becoming Safely Embodied

We all want to grow and flourish, but more often than not, life happens and before we know it, we are living inside of setbacks. These setbacks to achieving our goals sometimes occur due to unmet needs and a traumatic past. That wounding can have a significant impact on us, and when those wounds go […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 088: ADHD in Midlife and Menopause and What to Do About It

Any woman who gets to live a long life will experience menopause and possibly all the disruptions that come with it. However, some women will go through menopause (and possibly before) with more pronounced symptoms than others due to ADHD. This may seem surprising since ADHD is a common diagnosis in children, not adults. Further, […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 082: Overcoming Anxiety and Procrastination

Anxiety is a very disruptive condition and can increase during menopause. Dealing with bouts of overwhelm, depression, apprehension is difficult and it sometimes feels like there’s no way out, but one’s battle with anxiety doesn’t mean that it’s the end, there is a way to overcome it. In today’s episode, Vikki Yaffe—an established time-hacking and […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 075: Empowerment as a MENO-Mate with Betsy Mercer

When COVID took the world by storm, the global economy took a turn for the worse, leaving many people suffering heavy financial losses as businesses and corporations cut back on expenses. Unemployment rates went up and a lot of people were left feeling broken and hopeless. However, when you find yourself grasping at straws, don’t […]

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