LYL PODCAST EPISODE 073: Menopause at 30 with Yasmine Khater

Menopause can be a tough and mysterious battle for women who are already expecting it to happen. It is an entirely different story for those who go through induced menopause or early menopause. However, you can have some relief when you join in a community of like-minded women. In this week’s podcast episode, Yasmine Khater […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 119: Courage to Change

“I am” is a very powerful statement. It’s the statement of identity and it’s so much more than a story. I used to say I hate running, until I actually did it. I’m not gonna say it’s always easy. On some days, it really sucks because the runs are difficult. But the body can do a […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 118: 3 Pillars of Freedom

The woman who works in my house is from Poland and she was telling me that their schools are teaching this now: The girls’ job is to stay at home, be a good wife, have children, cook, and clean. And that’s what we had in the 50s, so I don’t understand why we’re going backwards. […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 114: Hacking Chemo

Cancer is difficult to diagnose. We talk about self-breast exam, and how it’s a part of our monthly health care, but one thing that we don’t notice necessarily is what’s happening in our bellies. It can be because you may not have pain, and you may just think that there’s a slight bulge on the […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 091: Supplements for Menopause – Part 3

Health is wealth! Clich√© as it may sound, we all know this to be a reality. Today we’re talking about the best supplements for menopause and how to get the most bang for your buck. In this podcast episode, we continue our series on supplements with pharmacist Dr. Sharzard Green. She is a frequent guest […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 090: I Deserve It! Tammy’s MENO-Mate Journey

Many menopausal women may feel like no one understands them, and they have to tread this phase of life alone, confused, and always in want of feeling better. The physical symptoms can be quite debilitating, and the emotional turmoil within doesn’t help either. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, not ever, because you […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 076: Intimacy with Ease

The topic of sexuality is so sensitive that conversing about it even with your partner seems like a terrifying thing to do. However, the more one remains resistant to opening up about the issues surrounding their sexuality, the more this endangers your relationship and intimacy with your partner. There is a need to remove the […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 072: Making Sense of Social Media with Jerry Potter

With the pace to which content is shared all over the internet, you can’t afford to be stuck in decades-old branding strategies. Luckily for us, social media platforms are there for the taking. From Facebook posts, real time updates on Twitter, and not-so-mundane stories and photos on Instagram, social media continues to be one, if […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 062: The Power of Pleasure with Julia LallyLYL

Feminine pleasure. It’s not a topic we are comfortable talking about nor is it something we can easily discuss at the dinner table. It’s one of the things that we put way below our laundry list of day-to-day activities. However, by putting the female orgasm as one of your priorities, you can transform your life […]

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