LYL PODCAST EPISODE 044: Start Your Online Business NOW! With Colleen Kochannek

Social distancing, business disruptions, and employment furloughs have placed us into a new normal. With people stuck at home and worried about money, finding novel ways of earning an income is key to thrive. An online business presents an opportunity that should be taken advantage of. But the older women have been wary of going […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 035: The Power of Pleasure with Julia Lally

The Power of Pleasure by Dr Michelle Gordon

People still consider the female orgasm and the power of feminine pleasure taboo, in addition to menopause. Moreover, There is so much to know and learn here because it can transform a woman’s life, whether you are going through your menopause or not. In this episode, Julia Lally, The Pleasure Witch, talks about how pleasure […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 031: Hormones After Menopause with Dr. Sharzad Green

Hormones After Menopause by Dr Michelle Gordon

As women get older, we get closer to our menopausal age. During Hormones After Menopause, we tend to have a hormone imbalance. As a result, we may experience symptoms of weakened bones and decreased sexual function. Today, we’re back on the show with pharmacist Dr. Sharzad Green. She will be discussing the required laboratories for […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 025: Capture What Matters with Beryl Young

Capture What Matters by Dr Michelle Gordon

There’s a well-known saying that goes, “A picture says a thousand words.” To begin with, anyone can pick up a camera today and capture what matters most to them. A photograph can easily bring back all our good memories. Mothers, especially those in their menopausal years, can learn photography and use it as a tool […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 017: Talking Social Justice and Education with Rev. Dr. Connie Simon

Talking Social Justice and Education by Dr Michelle Gordon

Social justice is both a political and philosophical concept that says that everyone should have equal access to health, wealth, well-being, justice, and opportunity. , No one should infringe upon another’s right to live, enjoy things, and be who they are. We’re joined today by Rev. Dr. Constance Simon to discuss social justice, education, and […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 051: Talking About Race. Black Lives Matter

George Floyd’s tragic death while in police custody has sparked outrage all over the country. Incidents like this shows the ongoing problem with racism and how it wreaks havoc in our lives especially in the black community. There is a need to speak up and to have conversations regarding racism and to start asking ourselves […]

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