LYL PODCAST EPISODE 105: Starting Over As GenX

I got married and had my son before I decided to be a surgeon . I did all the things that I needed to do and then I realized… There’s a lot of things that have changed for me but at the same time… Life just happened. And then there was a point where I […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 093: Pivoting to Passion with Kim Walsh Phillips

Have you ever felt like you have a calling to do something greater and create an enormous impact with the things you are passionate about? Most of us will answer yes to these questions, but so few respond and take the first step–because exciting as it may seem, these two are always scary: change and […]

LYL PODCAST EPISODE 086: What to Consider Before Starting a Business

Many people want to start a business–especially when you start to think about the freedom, fulfillment, and even the financial rewards that come with it. But while it’s easy to daydream about what it would look like to acquire those things, the reality is that most of us don’t even know where to even begin. […]

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