LYL PODCAST EPISODE 008: Dealing With The Sense Of Loss During Menopause

Dealing With The Sense Of Loss During Menopause by Dr Michelle Gordon

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A lot of women find it challenging to go through menopause because of the many changes happening. However, the excitement of life shouldn’t stop there. Join me, Dr. Michelle Gordon, and my friends as we overcome the challenges and grasp the opportunities that await us. Together, we’ll take a ride around Mallorca, Spain while forming stronger bonds of friendship through new experiences.

In this episode, we’ll be going on a trip around Palma where we get to witness a breathtaking view of the countryside. In this city, you’ll find beautiful churches and interesting shops to visit. Our special guest, Antonio Hidalgo, owner of the restaurant Reserva Iberica, will welcome us in his home. There, we will learn about culture and cuisine while opening up to each other about on dealing with sense of loss during menopause.

Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode Dealing with sense of loss during menopause:

(01:10) Building strength and muscle in power training under Joe Bachana

(01:35) Positive effects of and helpful insights about joining a local cycling club

  • The joy of creating a bond with other cyclists by sharing milestones and being each others source of motivation

(05:05) Meeting Antonio Hidalgo and learning about the traditional Spanish dish called Paella

(09:00) Antonio discusses the history surrounding his house as well as the heritage area of the city

(10:22) How a traditional dish like Paella can bring families together

(11:55) The ingredients, the procedure, and important aspects when cooking Paella

(16:18) We talk about our sense of loss.

  • Opening up about the people we lost and how it has affected us every day.

(19:58) In the healing process, it is essential to learn how to forgive.

  • The possibility of losing your identity when losing a loved one.

(23:21) Getting proper treatment when loss plunges you into depression

Loss is an inevitable part of our lives. Nevertheless, we should understand the grief that comes from it is born out of our deep and sincere love. However, if things get too heavy to handle, never hesitate to reach out.

You are welcome to visit my website to seek the necessary help. Keep in mind there will always be friends who are willing to give you a hand.

Our journey isn’t over! On the next episode, we’ll be visiting an exceptional winery in Mallorca where we get to bond more through our shared experiences. Plus, we’ll also be having our last ride around the city, which is truly a bittersweet moment for all of the ladies. Stay tuned, and we’ll see you in the next episode!

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