LYL PODCAST EPISODE 007: Finding Your Voice Through Menopause and Aging

Finding Your Voice Through Menopause and Aging by Dr Michelle Gordon

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We’ve got a show about food, wine, fitness, travel, and community. Seven women, one journey through beautiful Majorca.

Our group wanted to start talking about menopause and its symptoms. Firstly, it’s important to note that 50% of the women today are at menopause or premenopausal stage. Additionally, we want to acknowledge the importance of being able to talk about it openly, alongside other important issues we encounter in our lives as women and finding your voice through menopause and aging.

Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(01:02) An overview of the place where we were able to have a bicycle ride, drink champagne, and talk about sharing the same microbiome affecting our health.

(04:20) We visited Valldemossa, located where the mountains meet the ocean. I brought up the issue of menopause and how we should openly talk about it.

(08:11) The importance of bringing in the physical issues after childbirth, recto-vaginal health, and sexual health.

(12:46) Molly’s bike broke down when she fell, and having the proper mindset to accomplish what you want to do in life.

(16:57) We had the pleasure of meeting Antonio Hidalgo and talking with him at his restaurant Reserva Iberica.

(24:22) Everything gets better with age.

(25:15) If we’re not aging, we’re dead, okay? I believe that a day above ground is better than any day below ground. I’d rather be here. If that means I’d have a couple of wrinkles because I am older, or have a scar because of an operation, that is part of life. We have to keep going forward—that’s how it works.

For support on the journey to good health, head to our membership site where we discuss good nutrition, exercise, and the medical challenges we face as we age. And don’t forget to take this quiz to know your unique menopause slimming type.

Lastly, Thank you for joining us today. Next week, we will make delicious paella with Antonio Hidalgo in his home, and we’re going to show you Majorca as you’ve never seen it before. Don’t miss it!

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