LYL PODCAST EPISODE 034: From MENO-Misery to MENO-Mate with Amanda P

From MENO-Misery to MENO-Mate by Dr Michelle Gordon

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Going through something that you can’t explain and fully understand is tough. In addition, Having no one to talk to about it is even harder. It takes a toll not just on your physical wellness but more importantly, your mental state.

In this episode Amanda talks about her journey before and after she joined The MENO System. Find out her struggles and how she was able to overcome them with the help of The MENO System. If you are suffering as you are going through this phase and you want to take your life back, then this episode is for you.v


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Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

[04:11] How Amanda discovered The Menopause Movement

[04:59] What made Amanda so interested in The Menopause Movement

[07:28] How The Menopause Movement helped Amanda bounce back from her accident

[09:17] Why did Amanda gain weight even though her food intake didn’t change?

[10:41] What are the benefits of CBD in Menopause?

[11:23] What was Amanda’s biggest scepticism before signing up?

[14:59] What does Amanda think of the program after signing up?

[16:55] Amanda’s “Aha!” moment when she signed up for the program

[20:02] How has Amanda’s life changed as she started to implement the MENO Mate way of living?

[24:29] Why Amanda likes the 6th module of the program

[27:32] Why should you consider joining The Menopause Movement?

[33:53] Why should you be a part of The Menopause Movement?

[36:02] Is there any other community out there that would talk about the experiences of going through menopause?

[39:14] What is Amanda’s message to those who are going through menopause?

[44:58] Listen to Amanda’s testimonial

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