LYL PODCAST EPISODE 029: Get the Body You Want with Meaghan Faragasso

Get the Body You Want by Dr Michelle Gordon

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For so many years, society has imposed standards on how our bodies should look. A lot of us get very self-conscious about our bodies, sometimes even resorting to unhealthy methods to get the figure we want. While we aim for a fitter body, our lack of motivation can get in the way. We get frustrated and we struggle to reach our fitness goals.

Today, we are joined by Meaghan Faragasso, founder of Envy This Body. In this episode, she shares how she got started in her journey toward a healthier lifestyle. She also explains how she helps women appreciate and care for their bodies and not give in to society’s standards. Meaghan also talks about motivation, the tools she uses to help her clients, the foods to avoid and why, and how she treats women with thyroid issues.

Make sure to listen to this episode to find out about customized diet programs, and you will realize you still have a chance to lose weight and be healthier.

About Our Guest

Meaghan Faragasso is the founder of Envy This Body who aims to help women in their wellness and fitness journey. She specializes in custom nutrition and fitness programs for busy women. Meaghan is also an international fitness personality and has been modelling for over a decade. She has 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, life coach, and consultant for fitness companies.

Meaghan’s Road to Wellness

•  Meaghan suffered from anorexia when she was young.  
•  Her countless hospitalizations awakened her to dedicate her life to helping women appreciate and care for their bodies.

Metabolic Reset

•  Most women have tried different things to lose weight and get frustrated because there’s no progress.

•  A metabolic reset can undo the damage our lifestyle has inflicted on us. It helps her clients lose fat and inflammation. And when they start losing weight drastically, they feel motivated and rewarded for their effort.

•  The program also tracks your food intake and how it affects your energy and sleep, among other factors.

Hypothyroidism and Losing Weight

•  Most doctors only look at the numbers and ignore the symptoms.

•  It’s vital to address the symptoms because it doesn’t matter what the numbers say; what matters is how you feel and how you’re able to function.

•  We must work on changing our nutrition to find the right macronutrients and micronutrients for us.

Checking Up on Clients

•  Meaghan does coaching calls every week, going over her clients’ wins and struggles for the week.

•  She and her clients discuss energy levels as well as hitting target marks.

•  If the program is not easy, then it is not sustainable.

•  Meaghan works with her clients in a one-on-one session instead of working in a group. She says they are more honest and open with their struggles in this setting.

Food Intake Affects Energy

•  Meaghan says a particular type of social confidence has to be acquired to order your food.

•  “If this is your health, you can’t do what everyone else can do.”

•  She teaches her clients how to order food in a restaurant without the fear of being judged.

Consuming Alcohol

•  As a neurotoxin, alcohol has drastic effects on our bodies.

•  Advertisements on TV make alcohol sexy, but the reality is that it negatively affects our bodies.

Keto Diet and Custom Diet Program

•  Meaghan does not prescribe any diet plan because every individual has different nutritional needs.

•  She makes a custom diet, such as nutrition programming, to suit the needs of her clients.

•  Meaghan sends a preliminary questionnaire to her clients to find out what they want to accomplish with their bodies.

•  She calls her clients to explain the program and their customized diet plans.

What You Eat Matters

•  You can disrupt your hormones by eating toxic foods.

•  Even if you are conscious of the micronutrients in your food but don’t understand calorie expenditure, it would still be a problem for your weight. It might cause health problems as well.


•  Nutrition is a significant factor in post-exercise recovery because it reduces muscle soreness.

•  When you eat right, your post-workout recovery starts with anabolic metabolism (muscle building) instead of catabolic metabolism (muscle breakdown).

•  For better recovery from an intense workout, combine protein and carbohydrates in your post-workout meal.

You may visit Meaghan’s website, Envy This Body, to know more about her services.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will regain your motivation to get back in shape. Thanks for listening!

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