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I left a multimillion dollar surgical career to help professionals create the life they’ve always dreamed about.

Here’s three truths I’ve discovered:

Suffering is optional

All the overnight call, demands from the clinic and operating room, mid-life body changes (hello menopause), and home life, every day was suffering.
I had to find a better way.

It's OK to change

A career in medicine and surgery was great for me, until it wasn't. I needed out of a job that no longer fulfilled me. I wanted to wake up each morning looking forward to the day, not dreading it.

Mindset is everything

When you actively take the time to examine what you believe about your life, your career, and your goals, anything you desire is possible. It's easiest to do this with help from a mentor or guide.

What Customers Say...

If I knew then what I know now, I would have paid five times as much to see this much change in my life.
Change takes effort - not necessarily a lot of effort, but a little bit, every day and it's easier with support.
Joan Vienot
I learned about my mind and limiting beliefs. I now know I'm worthy and my rates reflect this! It gave me the motivation to move forward even on the hard days.
Chef Cassandra Cotoia
I have learned to envision what I want and need in my life and put it out to the Universe. The results have been amazing!
I used to focus on the negative but have turned that around the majority of the time.
Val Scott

Sign up for the best f*ckn newsletter for midlife professionals