LYL PODCAST EPISODE 002: Check In & What to do About Dismissive Doctors & Health Professionals

how it keeps you in good shape no matter how many tasks you have by Dr. Michelle Gordon

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Creating your weekly goals can be challenging especially when you have other things to deal with. However, it is always better to have consistent goals you want to achieve. It will not only help your mindset, but also your perspective, how you handle your emotions, and keep yourself relaxed. You can start with your diet and meditation and maintain a good shape.

Tune in as I share the importance of managing your daily schedule, how it helps you maintain your goals, and how it keeps you in good shape no matter how many tasks you have. When it comes to keeping your schedule, you can always start now.

Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(0:25) If you want to relieve stress, your routines should remain consistent, like following a certain diet.

  • Get lessons from your shortcomings, behavior changes, and inconsistencies.
  • Importance of health practitioners and doctors’ advice and how to deal with dismissive health practitioners.

(13:25) The menopause blueprint and how it can help ease your pain during your menopausal stage.

  • Discussion on the book about self-directed behavior, including topics on weight, diet, exercise, accurate food, making more friends, stretching, and anything else you want to change.

(18:47) Alignment of goals with future visions using self-directed behavior.

(22:28) Target practice and strategies for your goals—what behaviors should you have to reach them?

  • Tips on doing what you want to do but can’t do.
  • Tips on how to keep yourself on track with regard to achieving your goals.

(29:34) Designing a plan for self-modification involves specifying not only the simple targeted behavior but the chain of behaviors that will produce it.

What you heard from me today is good stuff, but what we have in the course is even better. So please join the Menopause Workshop and let’s achieve our goals together.

That’s it! Thanks for tuning in and I hope I gave you something to look forward to! I highly encourage you to join our workshop and start anew.

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