LYL PODCAST EPISODE 001: Managing Anxiety

Launch Your Life - Managing Anxiety by Doctor Michelle Gordon

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Anxiety can be crippling for most people. It will becomes even worse for women during their menopause years. Anxiety can be devastating and can cause significant damage to an individual both physically and mentally. It is basically crucial to manage it as soon as you can and do something about it now before it gets worse most importantly.

Tune in as I tell you about how my anxiety began and the ways I try to manage it. Listen as I guide you through a meditation and help you gain some insight to help you get through your own anxieties. Although it is never too late to get rid of your stress.

In addition, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(01:03) What caused my anxiety and how much did the constant worries and fears affect my life?

  • Managing the crippling anxiety by learning mindfulness—start small and training your mind to believe that you’re able to turn things around.
  • Learning to pause, examining why and where did it all begin.
  • Can anxiety get in your menopause years?

(06:00 & 07:42) How meditation helps by giving you calmness and awareness.

  • We are in control of our own thoughts and peace.

(12:38) Start a spiritual practice and get in touch with your higher self.

(15:21) Let me guide you through a meditation.

(18:30) Our bodies are made to move, make sure to exercise.

My goal is to help women manage their menopause naturally. Make sure to visit, go ahead and confirm your spots for the course, which starts this coming July 18. You can get either the cookbook or the ultimate guidebook after you sign up. After that, feel free to join our Facebook group at, Menopause Workshop with Dr. Michelle Gordon.

You may also buy physical copies of my books, they are available on Amazon, just look up Dr. Michelle Gordon as the author.

That’s it and thanks for tuning in!Lastly, I really encourage you all to go and try out meditation, and find your peace.

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