LYL PODCAST EPISODE 014: Connecting Magnesium and Osteoporosis with Kristen Bowen

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Osteoporosis occurs when the body loses too much bone density. It causes the bones to become weak and brittle, resulting in pain even with mild stress to the body. Osteoporosis affects men and women, but older women who are past menopause are at the highest risk because menopause is accompanied by lower estrogen levels. Magnesium deficiency is always associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Today we’re joined by Kristen Bowen, the founder of Living the Good Life Naturally. Kristen and her team help their clients live a healthier life with handmade magnesium products.

Listen to how Kristen managed to shift her mindset about health and her experience in battling her autoimmune disorder, and find out how powerful proper nutrition and an adequate amount of magnesium are for the body.

Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(03:53) The three components of transformation for women going through menopause

(05:24) How nutrition can nourish the soul.

(07:18) What is an autoimmune disorder?

(08:14) Kristen talks about the side effect of the Fosamax medication she took for osteoporosis.

(09:24) What happens to the body during osteoporosis.

(13:26) Sugar cleanse and foods emotional triggers.

(19:00) Kristen talks about the transition after stopping Fosamax intake.

(20:07) Kristen talks about what triggered the change in her bone density and her bladder tie-up and surgery experience.

(23:10) Oral magnesium was introduced to Kristen after her immense weight loss and seizures after the surgery.

(28:52) What is cortisol?

(30:48) What is bone broth?

(32:37) Soaking in magnesium and magnesium RBC test.

(36:03) How magnesium became a game-changer for Kristen’s condition.

(38:52) Where do people get magnesium chloride?

(40:28) Explaining the magnesium RBC blood test; what is the normal level of blood serum?

(42:32) The link between nutrition and depression.

(50:07) Difference between drinking smoothies and eating vegetables.

(56:14) Motivation comes from action.

That’s it for today’s episode. I hope you learned a lot about how you can battle bone pains such as osteoporosis with the proper diet, magnesium uptake, and the correct surgical process.

You can reach Kristen and buy magnesium and other magnesium-boosted products on her website, Living The Good Life Naturally.

Kristen has kindly offered 10% off magnesium products to listeners of this podcast, simply enter code ‘DrG’ at checkout!

Books mentioned in this episode:

1. Deep Nutrition by Cate Shanahan.
2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

For more help and guidance on healthy living in your menopause years, please visit my website.

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That’s it and thanks a lot for tuning in!

See you in the next episode!

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