LYL PODCAST EPISODE 043: Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney

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Yoga is a powerful tool for building your spiritual practice. Menopause is viewed as a woman’s second spring. With the multitude of changes happening in our bodies, we need a system that can help us navigate through this journey.

In this jam-packed episode, the founder of Menopause Yoga, Petra Coveney talks about her deeper purpose, the history of menopause in the UK, and finding truth in Eastern and Western philosophies. She discusses the cognitive impact of menopause and its (sometimes) subsequent grief. She also shares an exercise to reframe hot flashes and a powerful breathing technique to calm your nervous system.

You are not alone. If you’re looking for answers on how to face your menopause symptoms then tune in to the show!


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Reflections of the Moon on Water

What’s Discussed In This Episode

[04:24] How did Petra get started doing menopause yoga?

[11:56] Hormone replacement therapy and the cognitive impact of menopause

[17:25] The sense of grief and loss felt by women

[22:13] The importance of community

[23:56] The spiritual journey involved

[28:12] The significance of culture and society in women’s menopause experience

[32:32] Women’s second spring as an opportunity for self-growth

[41:12] Tips for managing stress and journal writing

[46:50] A cognitive behavioral therapy exercise for hot flashes

[53:26] The ocean breathing technique

About The Guest

Petra Coveney is the founder of Menopause Yoga, a new style of yoga designed to support women on their menopause journey by educating and empowering women with the knowledge needed to embrace their menopause as an opportunity for self-growth. She’s a senior teacher and teacher trainer for The British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. Her Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course has been accredited and attracts teachers from all over the world.

A member of the British Menopause Society, Petra’s approach combines Eastern yoga breath work, meditation, and the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medical science, cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition and complementary therapies.

She is motivated by a drive to support women by improving menopause education and training a menopause teacher for every town in the UK, so women can practice where they live and build support networks.

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