LYL PODCAST EPISODE 044: Start Your Online Business NOW! With Colleen Kochannek

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Social distancing, business disruptions, and employment furloughs have placed us into a new normal. With people stuck at home and worried about money, finding novel ways of earning an income is key to thrive.

An online business presents an opportunity that should be taken advantage of. But the older women have been wary of going down this route. Fortunately, we have a successful online entrepreneur from the typewriter generation to convince us otherwise.

In today’s episode, we have Scrappy Frontier founder, Colleen Kochannek, teach us how to start an online business including the logistics and nuances involved. It’s important to recognize your own genius and not assume everyone knows what you know. Colleen and I also go through the role permission plays for women over 50.

Now’s the time to start your own business. If you’re looking for that extra push to finally go for your dreams, then this episode is perfect for you!


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What’s Discussed In This Episode

[04:05] Why it’s important to start an online business now

[08:03] The cart before the horse syndrome people suffer from

[11:38] Building your audience as the first step

[15:41] Using Facebook to find your audience

[22:02] The importance of messaging

[23:12] Exchanging something of value for an email address

[27:37] Focusing on transformation and not the product

[31:39] Why women in their 50s are suited for entrepreneurship

[40:03] The need to examine your beliefs

[44:10] Why women look for permission

About the Guest

Colleen Kochannek is the founder of Scrappy Frontier. She helps women from the typewriter generation become laptop entrepreneurs by starting their own online business. She had started her first online business after being laid off. Having experienced months of learning curves, second guessing, and technology trauma with her first online business, she started Scrappy Frontier to help women achieve their dreams of having their own online business without the excruciating process she went through.

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