LYL PODCAST EPISODE 046: Living A Zesty Life With Linda Babulic

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We are taught to follow a certain path in life. From our childhood until we become adults, we are obsessed with meeting expectations. But a life filled of other’s demands becomes devoid of joy and enthusiasm.

Life is too short to wait for permission to go for our dreams. But sometimes we need that push from someone to live the life we’ve always wanted.

In today’s episode, Linda Babulic talks about the role stress plays in our lives and how support is so important in life. Women are often taught to give away their power, so Linda tells us how we can take it back and deal with the voices inside our heads telling us we’re not enough. Linda also shares her experiences in sermonic traditions, vision quests, and sacred moon cycles.

It’s time to live a life filled with zest. If you’re someone who wants more in your life, then tune in to this episode now!


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What’s Discussed In This Episode

[05:31] The big learning experience from her medical emergency

[10:38] What happened when she gave away her power

[16:47] The view of women existing only to serve men

[19:24] How to overcome your fear and deal with the voice inside your head

[25:32] Looking for opportunity and reframing

[29:47] Preparing women for change

[32:12] Becoming detached from the outcomes

[37:33] The stages in life women go through

[42:17] Her experience doing a vision quest

[47:06] The sacred moon cycle

[52:14] The opportunity for forgiveness

About the Guest

Linda Babulic is a personal business strategist, speaker, certified dream coach, and author of Amazon international bestselling book, ZEST Your Life. She has worked with people of all walks of life including the first female prime minister of Canada, the honorable Kim Campbell and even inmates serving life sentences. She helps women move from confusion and chaos to clarity so that they can be confident to live the life they want.

Her mission is to move people to a place of power, perseverance, and zest. She is the creator of the one-to-one coaching program called 1:1 Influence Builder.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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