LYL PODCAST EPISODE 049: Increasing Your Pleasure Using The Jade Egg with Julia Lally

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Living in a masculine-dominant society means that there’s little focus on women’s sexual pleasure. Emphasis is placed on how women can please men.

As women, our well-being is tied to our sexual health. To take away pleasure is similar to cutting women off from their own lives. But when a woman is sexually empowered, she gets closer to becoming who she actually is.

In the second installment of our sexual health series, we welcome back the Pleasure Witch, Julia Lally, who’s here to talk about the ancient Taoist sexual wellness tool, the jade egg. We go over the bad rap associated with it and its use for strengthening the pelvic floor. Julia also talks about the power of sexual healing, the vagina as a consciousness, and castration. In the end, we find out the benefits of sexual opening.

It’s time to reclaim your sexual power. If you’re curious how the jade egg can help you achieve greater pleasure, tune in to this episode now.


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What’s Discussed In This Episode

[06:11] What is the jade egg or Yoni egg

[11:13] Unsanitary issues associated with the jade egg

[15:22] The lack of worry tied to sex toys

[17:19] Benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor

[21:50] Total surrender through the jade egg

[23:44] The ripple effect of a healthy sex life

[25:51] The effect of the vagina on consciousness

[29:08] Castration as the suppression of women’s well-being

[33:51] Increasing blood flow to heal the vagina through breast massage

[41:09] The prevalence of masculinity in the world

[48:17] The benefits of sexual opening

About the Guest

Julia Lally is a self-proclaimed Pleasure Witch, a ferocious advocate for the power of your orgasm. A sex and empowerment coach for women and couples, she works with women who are wracked with the need to please. She is an advocate for helping women access the courage and tenacity to become who they actually are.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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