LYL PODCAST EPISODE 051: Talking About Race. Black Lives Matter

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George Floyd’s tragic death while in police custody has sparked outrage all over the country. Incidents like this shows the ongoing problem with racism and how it wreaks havoc in our lives especially in the black community. There is a need to speak up and to have conversations regarding racism and to start asking ourselves ‘What can I do to see change?’.

This podcast episode is from one of my Facebook live sessions where I talk with women in The Menopause Movement community about racism and it’s a really difficult conversation to have. Maybe some will ask, what does this problem have to do with menopausal women? Well, I’d say, a lot. I believe that we, menopausal women, have influence, we have a voice that we can use to educate and draw healthy conversations about this issue especially with the people that surround us like our children and grandchildren, co-workers, friends, etc.

Our silence doesn’t help at all. Tune in to this episode.


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Books mentioned in this episode:

•  White Fragility (

What’s Discussed In This Episode

[2:23] The George Floyd tragedy

[3:00] The problem of race in America – White Supremacy

[3:46] Incidents involving racism

[4:27] How our black brothers are constantly living in fear

[4:31] The issue of institutional racism

[4:42] My friendship with Dionne

[5:15] Choosing human privilege

[6:13] The need to speak up about white privilege

[7:00] My conversation with my son regarding the incident

[7:37] Love and gratitude

[8:30] How we do not actually differ so much from one another

[9:34] My friend’s experience with racism (an encounter with the police)

[10:42] Video Clip (Jane Elliott)

[12:01] Why not everything done ‘that way’ is always ‘the right way’

[14:21] Educating one’s self regarding racism

[16:18] How menopausal women can help address the racism issue

[17:40] Things you can do to improve yourself and to address the racism problem

[18:07] Reason why most people are silent about racism

[25:48] Racism as a human rights issue

[31:03] Change starts with us

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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