LYL PODCAST EPISODE 052: Spirituality, Business, Purpose, And The Pandemic With James Wedmore

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People often associate success with luck but if you sit down and chat with those who have reached success, you’ll learn that luck had nothing to do with it. There is more to it than just being lucky to reach the top, and that’s what we hear from this week’s episode.

In this podcast I talk with one of my mentors, James Wedmore. He happily shares the role of one’s spirituality when it comes to business success and even with our relationship with money, he gives helpful advice to those who are living in fear so they can get out of it, and provides his personal perspective on why this COVID-19 is a reset and the opportunities that you can seize in a time like this.

There are great takeaways from this episode especially for those seeking to get out of their current situation so they can live their best life yet. Tune in now!


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Books mentioned in this episode:

•  The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price (

What’s discussed in this Episode

[5:29] Why processes are important when scaling

 How James influenced Dr. G’s spirituality

[9:01] James’ shares how he started his business journey

[13:38] Implications of developing a spiritual practice

[19:46] Structure, strategy, process combined with intention and spirituality

[22:22] Struggles are not reason to give up

[23:46] Understanding our relationship with money

[26:00] Knowing the true source of money and remaining connected

[27:24] The economy in the pandemic

[32:33] Why fear disrupts your life and your business

[34:54] Importance of making decisions out of faith not fear

[43:59] Recommendations for those stuck in fear to help them get out

[49:51] James’ view on COVID-19 and how it’s a reset

About the Guest :

James Wedmore is an introvert from Laguna Beach, CA who has spent the past 8 years teaching online entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of online video and YouTube with such courses and programs like Video Traffic Academy and 48Hr Film School.

Starting in 2016, he made a massive shift to focus on a big gap that he saw missing in the marketplace: The Mindset of Entrepreneurs. He launched a podcast (Mind Your Business) and a new flagship program (Business By Design) to help other content creators, authors and coaches thrive online.

James also facilitates a high-level mastermind called The Inner Circle.

His motto is simple: Work hard, play harder!

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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