LYL PODCAST EPISODE 055: Reclaiming Our Dignity With Lin Eleoff

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We are all born dignified but somewhere along the way we lose our dignity due to factors like the society, our families, people we’re in a relationship with, and a lot more. It is our duty to reclaim what we have lost and start living a dignified life because without dignity there’s not much left of us. It’s not too late to start now, you’ll be surprised at the good things that await you.

In this podcast episode, I have a conversation with Lin Eleoff. Lin and I share a lot of things in common like how we have made a shift from our profession to being committed to work and help women become a better version of themselves. We focus our talk on dignity, how we lost it and how we can reclaim it. Lin explains how we can start bridging the disconnect between the mind and body, reasons why we have to ‘Woman Up’, and how we can start playing the cards we have regardless of our situation, etc.

Listen to this podcast and let’s begin the work of reclaiming our dignity.


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Blunt Force Dieting 

Books mentioned in this episode:

•  The Dignity Diet (

What’s discussed in this Episode

[3:08] Lin gives an overview of her background and what she does 

[9:42] Lin’s personal story of how she lost her dignity

[13:16] How women are just starting now to see their true worth

[13:40] Why the message of feminism is misunderstood

[15:34] The need for permission – a dignity issue

[17:46] How Lin helps women find out what they want when faced with uncertainty

[19:51] Bridging the disconnect between the mind and body 

[23:32] Next best step to turn from shame to self-acceptance

[29:31] Why we have to ‘Woman Up’

[31:46] Knowing how to play the cards you have

[33:08] Lin talks about her thyroid crisis

[36:47] Reframing even adverse events to become the best thing

[38:29] When to start listening to our bodies

[44:14] Asking the question ‘Will this dignify me?’ 

About the Guest

Lin is a triple certified MIND-BODY-BUSINESS Transformation Teacher and Coach. She’s also a lawyer, author, and speaker.

Lin’s superpower is her ability to quickly get to the heart of what’s holding a woman back. Her NEW Self Care Model is rooted in mind management mastery and self-awareness, along with dignity and integrity, all of which form the foundation for our becoming the highest, most beautiful and fulfilled version of ourselves.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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