LYL PODCAST EPISODE 065: Empowering Ethiopian Girls for Leadership with Tamara Horton

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In the world that we live in today, most of us get to have free education, live in comfortable homes, or work without having to bare our backs all day. But the sad reality is, not everyone gets to enjoy the same things. Not everyone can afford an education nor choose what they want to be in the future. However, by planting one little seed of goodness in humanity, it can grow and foster into something beautiful that can make the world a better place.

This week, we have a special guest, Tamara Horton, the founder of Studio Samuel, who has made great strides in changing the world one girl at a time. Today, we get to hear the incredible story of Studio Samuel and how it has changed the lives of the girls in Ethiopia. We talk about the country’s current situation and the positive impact and changes they have made.

We also talk about what led Tamara to found Studio Samuel and how it has changed her, personally, in terms of leadership and global awareness.

Be a force for change and goodness. Tune in to this episode.

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Books mentioned in this episode:

•  Ask by Ryan Levesque (

•  A Course in Miracles by Foundation of Inner Peace (

•  Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese (

What’s discussed in this Episode

[6:27] Tamara Horton and Studio Samuel 

[12:30] How Studio Samuel helps Ethiopian girls 

[17:49] The positive impact that is Studio Samuel 

[33:07] Making a change in the community through embroidered menstrual kits 

[34:21] Fostering leadership and girl empowerment at a young age 

[38:47] From 3 girls to 22k: Changing lives one at a time 

[42:33] The history of Studio Samuel 

[46:07] Tamara before and during the creation of Studio Samuel 

[54:21] If you want to be someone, start acting like that someone 

[58:58] Tamara’s favorite Ethiopian dish 

[1:01:17] Celebrating the National Day for Girls on October 11th 

[1:02:31] Donating to Studio Samuel 

Before founding Studio Samuel, Tamara Horton was the Operations and Events Director at Sony Music Entertainment, overseeing US offices for over 13 years. However, as soon as she and her husband adopted their son, Samuel, who’s of Ethiopian descent, her life has turned a complete 180 degrees. She left her post at Sony Music Entertainment and went on to help change lives as the Founder and Executive Director of Studio Samuel, an organization that helps Ethiopian girls learn basic life skills and be able to afford free education through scholarships.

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