LYL PODCAST EPISODE 066: Restoring Life, Marriage, and One’s Self Through the MENO System

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One irony of life is that when inopportune times happen, they don’t seem to stop until you finally hit rock bottom. When we reach the darkest moment of our lives, we start self-destructing until everyone and everything around us gets affected. However, when you reach an all-time low, there’s no other way but up. With the help of the MENO system and the MENO-mates, you’ll be able to get back on track and live a life of happiness.

In this episode, Ann Martin, a dance and fitness instructor and a MENO-mate shares with us her story of how the MENO system has saved and changed her life and her marriage. We talk about what her life was like before enrolling in the Beta program, how her marriage was saved from the verge of divorce, and how it can positively change your life in a way that has never been just as it did hers.

If you feel like you’re in a dark place and need that one piece of inspiration to get out of it, then tune in to this episode and learn how you can live life the MENO-mate way.


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What’s discussed in this Episode

[01:42] A brief background about Ann 

 Why Ann joined the Beta program 

[03:15] Her life before joining the Beta 

[05:19] How menopause deeply affected her relationship with her husband 

[08:32] The MENO system served as her life raft during her darkest times 

[09:29] What she felt when she found out the Beta was closing 

[13:31] How Ann’s life completely changed after enrolling in the program 

[16:10] The Beta program is a safe haven for women to talk about menopause and life 

[17:28] Reigniting her relationship with her husband through the MENO system 

[20:20] Coming out of the program more confident about herself than ever 

[21:42] Ann’s advice to women who have doubts about enrolling in the Beta program 

[23:23] Coming back to the right path and going on a journey to self-rediscovery 

[25:24] There is no deadline when it comes to taking life lessons 

About the Guest

Ann Martin is one of the most special people in The MENO System. She is a friend to most and is always striving towards a better world. A mum to 4, she currently teaches dance and fitness. She is also a spiritualist and a medium with a burning desire to learn.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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