LYL PODCAST EPISODE 068: How to Manage Your Parent’s Estate with Nate Morrissey

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Do you still remember your mom’s ancient typewriter that your dad used to fix whenever the keys get stuck? What about your brother’s collection of David Bowie mixtapes that he was so eager to hide from you when you were younger? As our loved ones pass on to the next life, we inherit a mountain of stuff that holds a lot of memories. For some of us, we tend to hold on to these treasures as mementos. For others, letting them go is the best way to cope and move on. But, when the time comes, are you confident enough to say you are ready to handle these matters?

The truth is no one ever knows when anyone will pass on, or even want to talk about it. But when the time does come, it’s hard to know what is right, or even what to do at all. That’s why Nate Morrissey from Blue Sky Estate Services joins us in this week’s episode to teach us how we can manage our family’s state of affairs after the loss of a loved one.

If you’re someone who worries about what the future holds, this episode will give you an insight on how to prepare for that inevitability. Tune in now!


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Books mentioned in this episode:

•  Boomer Burden by Julie Hall (

•  How to Clean Your Parents’ Estate in 30 Days or Less by Julie Hall (

What’s discussed in this Episode

[2:54] Nate’s story from being a pilot to owning an estate management business 

 Dealing with stuff paralysis 

[5:39] How to deal with stuff left by a loved one 

[6:34] Don’t get rid of anything yet and identify what the family wants 

[8:49] Give your family members time to grieve 

[9:54] It’s okay to take time, but don’t let it sit for too long 

[11:37] Seek help from estate sale experts in selling what you don’t need 

[12:24] What is an estate sale? 

[13:02] Why you should never do an estate sale on your own 

[17:05] Why furniture are hardest to sell 

[19:07] Buyout vs clear-out 

[20:49] If you can’t sell everything, donate 

[22:48] Nate’s tip for non-US residents on making estate sales 

[24:32] Ask for recommendations from estate sale companies 

[25:03] Why you should never try doing it yourself 

[26:09] Should you meet with a real estate professional first? Or an estate sale expert? 

[27:28] Remove everything easy to sell, then donate

[29:33] Accessibility is a crucial factor to consider in estate sale 

[31:18] Never use a storage unit for items that don’t have value anymore 

[32:57] Donating keepsakes creates a win-win for you and the charity 

[34:28] Don’t fall into the DIY trap 

[36:52] Have everything lined up before meeting with the professionals 

[37:48] Selling keepsakes over the internet 

[38:57] Never let real estate agents keep the furniture for home staging 

[40:38] What you can do to make things easier for the ones you will be leaving behind 

[41:58] Spell out what may happen and who inherits what 

[43:30] How to declutter 

[44:13] Always keep your paperwork in a safe place 

About the Guest

In 2005, Nate Morrissey—then pilot—experienced a tragedy that completely changed his life: his closest friend and mentor lost his life at sea while flying an airplane. Realizing how difficult the entire ordeal was with helping the ones left behind while managing the estate, that led Nate to start his own company called the Blue Sky Estate Services. Now an estate liquidation expert in Orange County, CA for more than 13 years, he helps families with estate sales, dispersal, and content removal and better cope with the loss of life.

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