LYL PODCAST EPISODE 071: You’re Worth It! From MENO-Muck to MENO-Mate with Shelley Rae

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Do you always find yourself second-guessing your worth as a human being? Do you ever feel as if you are undeserving of love and attention? Sometimes, when all we see are dark clouds in the sky, all we need to do is reach out and seek help from the ones who love us. Through the MENO system, you can make peace with the negative voices inside your head and embrace a life full of joy and positivity by leaving behind the MENO-Muck that can accompany menopause.

In this week’s podcast episode, we chat with Shelley Rae Krogen, an Energy Healer and a Certified Keto Coach, about her life-changing journey towards positivity and self-worth. We talk about fibromyalgia, how the Menopause Movement education has helped her get through it, what her biggest breakthrough was upon joining, and how she was able to overcome her bipolar disorder.

Overcome those demons inside your head by tuning in to this episode!

About the Guest

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What’s discussed in this Episode

[2:51] A brief background on Shelley Rae 

[4:24] What changed for Shelley when she joined The Menopause Movement 

[5:30] Realizing that she was worth it through the program 

[6:15] What she felt when she knew the community was going away 

[7:32] Shelley’s life before enrolling in the program 

[8:48] Making peace with the voice inside her head through the MENO system 

[12:21] One year to know your worth is never too long 

[12:58] Shelley’s advice to people who are on the fence about the Beta program 

[13:52] How the program helped her get through fibromyalgia 

[15:46] Her biggest source of happiness choosing herself and knowing her worth 

[17:28] Shelley’s financial miracle 

About the Guest

Shelley Rae Krogen is an Energy Healer, a Reader, a Medium, and a Certified Keto Coach. Coming all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, and a strong believer in positivity, Shelley always tries to help others find the silver lining in bleak situations. When she started experiencing a number of menopause symptoms, she knew she needed to make some changes because she was finding it more and more difficult to seek the silver lining in situations herself.

She enjoys spending time with her rambunctious pup, Zoey-Rayn, reading, cooking, writing, sleeping, channeling, and getting artistically creative in a number of mediums.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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