LYL PODCAST EPISODE 072: Making Sense of Social Media with Jerry Potter

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With the pace to which content is shared all over the internet, you can’t afford to be stuck in decades-old branding strategies. Luckily for us, social media platforms are there for the taking. From Facebook posts, real time updates on Twitter, and not-so-mundane stories and photos on Instagram, social media continues to be one, if not the most effective tool in promoting brand awareness for various industries the world over.

For entrepreneurs, that means you already have endless options for audience engagement. But there’s more to social media than just the freedom to post about your business, your life, and everything in between. Five Minute Social Media’s Jerry Potter is here with us today to provide valuable social media strategies and insights in this episode of The Menopause Movement Podcast.

If you’re a new or stuck business looking to grow through the world’s simplest social media strategies, Jerry shares some of them with us in this podcast, so tune in now!


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What’s discussed in this Episode

[2:51] How Jerry started out in social media 

[6:24] Celebrate each little milestone. Even the biggest names and brands started small 

[7:42] Purpose, before anything else 

[8:45] Get rid of the guilt of not being everywhere on social media 

•  It’s okay not to be on every platform

•  It’s okay not to do everything the competition is doing

[9:47] Set social media goals 

•  Don’t confuse to-do lists with goals

•  Build authority and trust by “looking the part” on your platform

•  Target your goals as you target your market

[11:41]  You can’t post your way to sales so post content that engages your target audience 

[19:23] (Instagram) Stories are as real as it gets 

•  Mundane is authentic

[25:12] Pick one platform as your focus 

[29:02] Spend money but make sure you’re getting some back 

•  Friendly reminder that likes do not pay the bills

[31:00] You never fail on social media 

•  You either make mistakes and be fine or you make mistakes and you learn

[33:24] What works for you depends on the brand you want to build 

[36:03] Keep it simple and effective 

•  Once your platform get monetized, you’re on the right track

[37:36] Have an email list for emergencies 

[41:06] Have an end goal in mind 

•  Understand your platform and your audience 

[46:21] Set boundaries 

About the Guest

Jerry is the founder of Five Minute Social Media where he’s been able to empower over 400,000 people around the world to do their own social media marketing. Jerry helps time-strapped entrepreneurs who are frustrated with social media simplify their processes. Moreover, Jerry has a proven process that helps businesses use social media efficiently and effectively.

With a long experience in radio, Jerry knows what it’s like to connect with people and communicate with a target audience.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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