LYL PODCAST EPISODE 073: Menopause at 30 with Yasmine Khater

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Menopause can be a tough and mysterious battle for women who are already expecting it to happen. It is an entirely different story for those who go through induced menopause or early menopause. However, you can have some relief when you join in a community of like-minded women.

In this week’s podcast episode, Yasmine Khater shares the story of going through induced menopause at the age of thirty. She shares how the daunting effects of her surgery were presented so nonchalantly and how it affected her physical and mental wellbeing. We talk about how she powered through and found the blessing of the challenge of her induced menopause.

Tune in to this episode and know you are not alone in your menopause journey.


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What’s discussed in this Episode

[02:45] The journey of Yasmine Khater 

 Yasmine’s medical condition: diagnosis and treatment 

[05:15] What were Yasmine’s primary menopausal symptoms at age 30? 

[06:03] The difficulty of talking about menopause with other women 

[06:56] How Yasmine dealt with her fibrosis 

[08:46] The beginning of her induced menopause 

[09:32] The issues with the practitioner’s communication regarding the operation 

[09:52] Menopause and its undesirable effects 

[14:04] How the operation affected Yasmine’s life 

[16:16] How Yasmine came out from her slump due to menopause 

[17:27] How Yasmine started her spiritual practice 

[20:33] Learnings from their medical journey in China with her aunt 

[22:08] Yasmine’s teaching experience before focusing on entrepreneurship 

[24:29] Chasing dreams and not our egos 

[27:44] Yasmine’s expertise in buyer psychology 

[31:56] The excellence of Yasmine’s story priming method 

[34:55] As an entrepreneur, focus on the people who want to listen to you 

About the Guest

Yasmine Khater is the founder of Sales Story Method and the host of the Sales Story Podcast. Using her expertise in psychology, she has been helping senior leaders in multinational companies, entrepreneurs, and governments to use storytelling to attract more customers to grow their businesses and careers. With her experience as a young entrepreneur, she uses her experience to impart knowledge in her current business venture.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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