LYL PODCAST EPISODE 075: Empowerment as a MENO-Mate with Betsy Mercer

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When COVID took the world by storm, the global economy took a turn for the worse, leaving many people suffering heavy financial losses as businesses and corporations cut back on expenses. Unemployment rates went up and a lot of people were left feeling broken and hopeless. However, when you find yourself grasping at straws, don’t despair. Through the MENO system, you can get yourself back on your feet and live a better life.

This week, Betsy Mercer, shares her journey from being down and out to finding her way back up through the Menopause Movement. We talk about how her life turned a complete 180 degrees after joining the program, how she was able to remove those negative thoughts inside her head, and how the program has helped her feel empowered as a woman. We also talk about the financial loss that she suffered during COVID, and how she was able to recover from it by making an investment in herself.

If you feel as if life is trying to pull you down and there’s nowhere to turn to especially during these trying times, then tune in to this episode and find out how you can break free from the negativity and emerge victorious!


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What’s discussed in this Episode

[01:34] A brief background on Betsy 

[03:01] Moving out to Wisconsin for a corporate job 

[04:05] Her biggest takeaway from the Beta program 

[05:10] Betsy’s biggest challenge in joining the program 

[08:14] How her life changed after enrolling in the program 

[10:19] Brushing suicidal thoughts off of her mind because of the MENO system 

[12:26] Promoting women empowerment through the Beta program 

[14:01] Betsy’s advice to women who are on the fence about the program 

[15:00] Getting moral support from MENO-mates 

[16:17] What makes the Beta program different from all other programs 

[19:39] Listen to that positive voice in your head 

About the Guest

Betsy Mercer was living a corporate life in the IT Sales industry for 25 years until March 2020. Having no desire to be part of the corporate world again, she maximized her 3 months worth of savings and made it last for 5 months with the help of friends and family. Despite not having received her unemployment benefit, she decided to invest in herself and joined the Beta program, and she has not regretted her decision since. After joining the program and the MENO-mate community, she has found a haven where she can grow and live a life the MENO-mate way.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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