LYL PODCAST EPISODE 087: Menopause And Headaches – Part 1

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Headaches can be a fact of life during menopause. The pain can sometimes get quite debilitating and we search for a solution–any solution to relieve it. The problem with any quick fix is that while it can provide temporary relief, it rarely addresses the root cause of the suffering. However, when we truly take the time to tune in to our bodies, we may find that these kinds of pains are the body’s signal that it needs and wants something from us.

This is a return visit to the podcast for my guest Dr. Michelle Veneziano. She was also a guest in our 79th episode The Healing Power of the Tongue. I highly suggest that you tune in to that episode first if you haven’t heard it yet as the things we discuss here are related to that one. We covered a lot of things in this podcast like the reason there is suffering and why it’s important to listen to our bodies when it is going through pain. It also gets even more interesting as we discuss the reason behind developing a spiritual practice to get our bodies into a rhythm. She also shares the role that magnesium and water play in headaches.

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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction and Opportunity

[4:53] Osteopathic medicine vs. Allopathic medicine

[7:54] Menopause is an essential shift in life

[9:36] What most women are missing out during menopause

[12:47] Dr. Veneziano’s recommendations for headaches

[17:13] The role of the tongue in moving the cranium sacrum yourself

[18:56] What spiritual practice does in getting the body into a rhythm

[19:27] Entrainment experience

[20:31] Why there is suffering

[21:41] Stepping back to become an observer

[24:10] The power of gratitude

[24:55] Seeking the help of a craniosacral osteopath

[26:56] Pain tells us that our body needs something

[27:52] Connecting and following the heart

[28:08] How to connect to the heart

[29:53] Find the good in your life

[32:55] Starting a mindfulness practice

[34:28] Training ourselves to feel

[35:32] Continuum movement

[38:16] Menopause is a time of rediscovery

[43:20] The role of water and magnesium in headaches

[48:34] Benefits of hydration

[50:12] 1 tip to help those who are suffering from migraines

About the Guest:

Michelle Veneziano is a family physician and clinical professor who specializes in non-surgical orthopedics. She believes in hands-on and consciousness practices or activities to help strengthen the body’s core, returning the balance and wellbeing of an individual. She aims to help different people overcome and prevent health struggles through methods that promote ease and enjoyment.

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