LYL PODCAST EPISODE 089: Improving Your Relationship with Your Children

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Parents or grandparents who have children in the spectrum under their care may find it difficult to relate and address the needs of their special kids. This can result in frustration and hurts relationships. We all want to become better parents, but to do so, we need to slowly transition from what we’re used to, to what works.

In our episode today, I welcome my guest, Chris Reavis. He is the proud parent of an autistic child. He shares what conventional parenting is and why it does not serve the needs of children in the spectrum. Chris also advises on how you can get your children to listen to you most of the time. We also discuss the importance of empathy and how safety is crucial for kids.

Tune in to this episode today!


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction and Opportunity

[3:53] Chris shares his story

[5:42] Conventional parenting

[7:15] Dr. G shares her parenting story

[9:19] What to expect with children who have autism or ADHD

[11:38] Safety is crucial for kids

[12:10] Showing and expressing empathy

[13:53] Dealing with parents who are struggling with their children

[16:12] Help children find things that light them up

[17:55] How to get your kids to listen to you every time

[20:43] 1st step to resolving chaos in the home with kids

[22:15] Understanding that beliefs shape reality

[24:20] Addressing the challenge of kids who are non-communicative

[25:10] The RAD protocol

[28:51] Spinning toys and what activities to do

[31:32] Children’s age and capabilities

About the Guest:

Chris Reavis is the proud parent of an autistic child. He is the founder of You From Home, where he helps parents of high-functioning autistic kids put the pieces together and live a rad life. He also has an elite Harvard certification in parent coaching (based on decades of brain science). Chris lives in the Pacific Northwest with his two kids, wife, and wonder dog, Penelope.

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