LYL PODCAST EPISODE 090: I Deserve It! Tammy’s MENO-Mate Journey

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Many menopausal women may feel like no one understands them, and they have to tread this phase of life alone, confused, and always in want of feeling better. The physical symptoms can be quite debilitating, and the emotional turmoil within doesn’t help either. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, not ever, because you deserve better. You deserve to be in a community, to feel good, and to reclaim the opportunity that this new phase offers.

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk to one of our MENO-Mates, Tammy LeMesurier. Tammy shares what made her join The Menopause Movement and how being in a community helped her. She also talks about the intangible improvements in her life upon entering the program, encouraging other women to invest in themselves, for they deserve better.

Tune in to this episode today.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] How Tammy got in as a MENO-Mate

[1:35] The MENO-Mate way of eating

[3:56] Tammy’s biggest skepticism about joining

[7:13] The community aspect of The Menopause Movement

[9:27] Tammy’s ‘aha’ moment

[11:14] Other changes Tammy noticed in her life because of joining

[14:31] Self-acceptance is Tammy’s biggest change

[15:34] Toxic positivity

[16:02] Dealing with grief

[18:23] Tammy testifies that life got better

[20:19] Tammy encourages those who are on the fence

[23:11] Suffering reduced, energy increased

[25:03] Tammy’s work as a death doula

[29:17] Death is a difficult conversation

[29:47] Preparedness helps with grief

[31:40] Why Tammy loves The Menopause Movement

[35:39] Visualization

[38:21] Chronic pain

[41:47] Being okay with where you are right now

About the Guest:

Tammy LeMesurier is a regional executive chef and a nutritionist. She is a mother to two, and after the deaths of her grandson and her best friend, she became a death doula. She helps people deal with death, prepare for it, and ease conversations around it. Tammy is one of our MENO-Mates who has seen significant improvement in her life after joining the MENO System.

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