LYL PODCAST EPISODE 092: Becoming Safely Embodied

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We all want to grow and flourish, but more often than not, life happens and before we know it, we are living inside of setbacks. These setbacks to achieving our goals sometimes occur due to unmet needs and a traumatic past.

That wounding can have a significant impact on us, and when those wounds go unaddressed, we may feel like life just wants to bring us down and even unsafe in our bodies. However, there is a solution, and it is not too late to live your best life yet!

In today’s podcast episode, I welcome back Deirdre Fay. We talk about what becoming safely embodied means. She explains how we can start listening to ourselves, understanding shame, and how we can feel alive all the time, especially for those who are going through therapy. We also discuss the seven foundational attachment needs and their importance, including some practical tips to help when we’re triggered.

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Books mentioned in this episode:

• Becoming Safely Embodied: A Guide to Organize Your Mind, Body and Heart to Feel Secure in the World (Paid link:

• The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma (Paid link:

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction and opportunity

[2:51] Deirdre Fay talks about her book

[3:08] What does it mean to become safely embodied?

[6:17] What are emotions for?

[8:04] How to listen to yourself

[11:18] What causes difficulty in healing and recognizing trauma?

[14:51] Reasons we experience shame

[15:39] 7 foundational attachment needs

[19:44] The lens we see and perceive the world with

[21:19] Understanding triggers

[23:59] Practical tips to help when your parents trigger you

[28:06] The role of practice in success

[28:42] The soothing rhythm breath

[29:57] The 17-second cycle

[33:00] Working on triggers, trauma, pains between therapy

[36:32] How to feel alive all the time (not just during therapy)

[41:32] Skills to do daily to get better faster

[43:40] Deirdre shares final takeaways

About the Guest:

Deirdre Fay works with people who have crummy histories to develop an inner platform for success to get their needs met for life. With decades of experience as a psychotherapist and educator, Deirdre brings together modern neurobiology and ancient wisdom into a practice of what she calls “becoming safely embodied.” She also wrote the book Becoming Safely Embodied: A Guide to Organize Your Mind, Body and Heart to Feel Secure in the World.

Deidre’s message resonates deeply with those who may look successful on the surface, but internally they may be plagued with shame, anxiety, distress, depression, and they’re wondering why they’re stuck in these repeating patterns. Experts in the field have described her practical methods as a “radically positive approach to healing trauma” and a way for people to “get better faster.”

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