LYL PODCAST EPISODE 093: Pivoting to Passion with Kim Walsh Phillips

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Have you ever felt like you have a calling to do something greater and create an enormous impact with the things you are passionate about? Most of us will answer yes to these questions, but so few respond and take the first step–because exciting as it may seem, these two are always scary: change and the unknown. But how long will you wait and deny yourself the chance to a better and purpose-filled life?

In today’s podcast, I have a fantastic conversation with Kim Walsh Phillips. She is a living testimony that it’s possible to pivot towards what you’re passionate about and even profit from it. Kim shares what she feared if she took the leap and how she ultimately surrendered in the end. We also talk about how our passions are not an accident, what a zone of genius means, and the ultimate shortcut to success.

This conversation is worth listening to. Tune in today!


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Books mentioned in this episode:

• Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert (Paid link:

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction and opportunity

[4:57] How to start a business

[6:35] Kim shares her story on how she pivoted to her passion

[10:38] The beauty of surrender

[12:37] Selling is love

[14:24] Big change requires big steps

[14:43] Kim’s hindrance to surrender

[17:51] Journaling helps track your journey

[19:08] Kim shares the other thing she feared most if she pivoted

[20:15] Picture the positive more than the negative

[22:26] Passion is not an accident

[23:32] Defining a zone of genius

[25:27] Goal setting

[28:14] The purpose and power of social media

[31:28] The importance of career change

[34:40] Behavior change

[36:08] The ultimate shortcut to success

[37:45] Whisper to do something new

[40:01] You’re created to thrive

About the Guest:

Kim is the founder of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000 and is an MBA-free self-made millionaire.

Named “a must to read by those in business” by Forbes Magazine, she is the best-selling author of multiple books, including The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business and The No BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing.

She’s spoken worldwide and coached some of the biggest brands and thought leaders, having worked alongside Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Kevin O’Leary, Dr. Nido Quebin, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

She resides just outside of Atlanta, GA, with her very tall husband and glitter-obsessed girls and is fueled by faith, love, laughter, and lots and lots (and lots) of coffee.

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