LYL PODCAST EPISODE 096: Menopause Weight and What to Do About ItLYL

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One of the major causes of MENO-Misery is weight gain. We have surveyed tens of thousands of women about menopause and overwhelmingly, the biggest struggle is menopause weight.

Making the decision to change is the first step. However, taking the action that keeps you going can sometimes be overwhelming and complicated. In fact, we can even quit before we start! I know I have!

Willpower is unreliable and there’s a lot of confusing information about what we should eat and how much exercise we need. And many times our self-esteem and negative self-talk get in the way.

That’s where this guest comes in. Greg Cormier is a behavior change specialist and transformation coach specializing in weight loss for women.

Greg simplifies the weight loss journey, and makes it easy to stick with a program that leads to success, even for women who have tried everything or have never had success in the past.

Many of those Greg works with see changes in their bodies in just a short time, without restrictive diets or counting calories.

During this episode, we discuss how to stay motivated when trying to change our habits, the role community plays in success and why people are so drawn to challenges when it comes to creating successful change in their lives.

Greg also shares real-life examples of women who have found success in a 28-day challenge that he facilitates.

If you feel hopeless about managing your weight – this episode will give you a lifeline. Watch it and gain the inspiration you need to kickstart your weight loss journey now.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction & Offer

[3:30] Greg shares his story and what he does

[7:40] Best way to get started in losing the weight

[12:08] Failure is part of the process

[13:59] Quick wins

[15:57] Why is a challenge the way to go?

[17:09] The importance of the community aspect in success

[18:41] 28-day challenge success stories

[32:50] Addressing hesitations and doubts regarding the challenge

[35:37] Simplicity is key

[36:26] Top things to do to get results and find success

[38:54] What can women expect from joining the challenge?

[40:46] What happens after the 28-day challenge?

About the Guest:

Greg Cormier is a certified Pre & Postnatal Coach, Online Trainer, & Behavior change specialist. He has helped hundreds of women across North America lose weight through online group coaching and 1on1 programs that teach self-acceptance, support, and accountability.

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