LYL PODCAST EPISODE 100: Choosing Courage

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Would you agree with me right away if I tell you that you can still live the best life possible while in menopause?

I mean I haven’t stopped believing that you can…

But out of all the times you’ve heard that you can still get your life back, have you heard another voice in your head say…

“I don’t think I can. I’m too busy and I don’t have enough energy.”

“I feel like I don’t have a brain most days and can’t focus on anything. I’m usually intelligent… but lately I feel like I’m in a fog all the time.”

“I’ve tried everything and I’m not sure if anything will ever work.”

And it sounds familiar, right?

Familiar because you might have heard it from someone before and the words were said to you…

Probably during childhood, growing up, or maybe at home…

Or even from people we trust like friends or family.

The words could sting and then you start questioning yourself like, “Am I good enough for this? Am I qualified to do this?”

And that’s when fear enters the door.

It can be paralyzing.

Would you consider that 98% of what we fear never happens?

Our subconscious mind is so powerful because if we decide we want to see something from a different angle…

We could create our own reality.

All we have to do is start looking for the truth in that.

For instance, if doubt is preventing you from taking the next step towards the best life while in menopause, then the words in your head probably say…

“I’m too old for that program and maybe my story wouldn’t be that interesting in the community.”

It can be easy to accept those thoughts. I know.

What if you also know that over 90% of businesses are started by women over 50? Kids are no longer at home, or there’s more time for hobbies…

And if you share your stories, not only will you help inspire people but maybe for the first time…

They’ll start to see themselves courageous.

Which truth would you rather listen to?

Anxiety and low confidence are common during MENO-Misery.
And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for menopause (even getting rid of the MENO-Belly).

But once you start to feel like you’re getting control over that specific pain point then you could start to look at it with more motivation to take your next step.

You’ll also rediscover courage along the way.

I talk more about that with sought after motivational TEDx speaker, author, television host, and life coach since 1998, Terry Sidford.

Our guest Terry Sidford has seen stories from hundreds of women, and she shares her observations on how they thrived through challenges.

Terry talks about ways you can push through fears and the process of radically loving and forgiving yourself.

I don’t want you to miss knowing what that looks like.

Tune in to this podcast today and find out what’s the smallest step that is impossible to fail to help you find that little slither of courage.

And remember, here at The Menopause Movement it’s all about 1% progress over perfection.


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Books mentioned in this episode:

• One Hundred Hearts: Inspiring Stories from the Women Who Lived Them by Terry Sidford

• Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction & Offer

[3:36] A background on Terry and the creation of her book

[8:13] Sharing stories empowers people to be courageous

[10:27] What makes people thrive in challenges

[12:20] Success comes from action

[19:37] What is a passion test facilitator

[21:28] The thing that holds us back is the story we tell ourselves

[23:09] Living outside your comfort zone

[25:18] Overcoming fear of public speaking

[30:34] Talking about women’s struggle with menopause

[35:09] Defining courage in women

[36:14] Reframing your fear

[38:08] Ask yourself whether your anxiety is true

[40:56] Coaches help you look outside of yourself

[45:00] What is the smallest step women in menopause can take

[47:33] The process of forgiveness

[49:16] Don’t give other people the power to make you less of a person

About the Guest:

Terry Sidford is a life coach, TEDx speaker, and published author. Her book One Hundred Hearts: Inspiring Stories from the Women Who Lived Them is all about courage and showcases real-life stories of women’s struggle. As a coach, she focuses on research that focuses on courage and its impact on personal and professional growth.

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