LYL PODCAST EPISODE 102: Growth in Tough Times

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When you’re in the middle of pain, do you allow yourself to feel it?

For example, when sudden emotions become overwhelming do you let yourself say…

“I feel like I am going crazy from the hot flashes and emotions.”

“My emotions make me feel like I am a teenager with PMS.”

Do you acknowledge how exhausted you feel?

Or do you stuff it down?

We all go through tough times.

But some struggles feel heavier than others and they can shake you to your core.

Physical pains are tough, and so are the mental wounds associated with them.

If, like me, you’ve been through hard times, then you’re probably familiar with feelings of hopelessness…

And the feeling of resisting something new.

Here’s a beautiful truth:

When you feel like you’re resisting something, you probably need to move toward it.

I’m still afraid of my workouts, especially the new ones…

But I feel the fear and I do it anyway and I think that is the key…

Allow yourself to feel the feelings but still do it anyway rather than let the feelings that you have hold you back from getting something done.

I talk more about that in today’s podcast episode with Bob DePasquale.

Bob was diagnosed with testicular cancer while he was in college. He also witnessed the 9/11 tragedy firsthand just five days after getting his cancer diagnosis.

Those experiences shaped him and led him to share the message that although life is full of struggles, the learning experience you gain from it leads to growth.

If you’re somebody who wants to grow even in these trying times, tune in to this episode!


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Books mentioned in this episode:

• The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction and Offer

[2:38] Bob shares his story when he got his diagnosis

[8:56] Next steps for Bob while getting treatment

[13:13] 9/11 as experienced by Bob

[16:09] The importance of a checklist

[16:39] Lingering issues Bob faced

[18:38] Managing the curveballs by allowing yourself to feel the feelings

[20:29] Self-actualization

[22:45] The brilliance of the body

[24:21] Latent potential

[27:28] Learning new skills

[29:33] Kindness is contagious

[33:11] What Bob teaches and who he serves

[36:36] Questions to ask one’s self in finding your purpose

About the Guest:

Bob DePasquale is a motivated, passionate, and engaging communicator. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer on September 6, 2001, while starting college in New York that same year. Five days after his diagnosis, he witnessed the September 11 tragedy, a day that no one will ever forget.

It took him only six months to treat his cancer, but the mental wounds associated with the 9/11 tragedy and the cancer diagnosis took two years to treat. His journey is what led him to share his message with the world. A message that although life is full of struggles, we can all learn from them.

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