LYL PODCAST EPISODE 105: Starting Over As GenX

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I got married and had my son before I decided to be a surgeon .

I did all the things that I needed to do and then I realized…

There’s a lot of things that have changed for me but at the same time…

Life just happened.

And then there was a point where I said, “Well, is this all there is?”

I did the things that I thought I was supposed to do even though it wasn’t true to who I am.

What happened?

I had worked so hard to learn surgery and start my practice.

And I just remember sitting there, 40 years old, “Okay. Why am I not happy? Is this all there is?”

Have you woken up one day asking the question, “Is this it?”

It’s like awakening to a realization that all the time spent on what seemed to be “the dream or the ideal” wasn’t what you wanted.

You suddenly feel like there’s this hole inside of you, telling you that something’s lacking…

And then fear creeps in and whispers, “It’s too late to start over now.”

But you don’t have to listen to that voice.

Because when you do, it could prevent you from taking action.

Here’s the good news though…

Starting over as GenX could be an exciting time in your life.

Yes, and you’re probably about 40 to 55 years old.

It’s the moment when you get to rediscover yourself, step out of uncertainty, and become confident in doing the things that light you up…

Whether you want to build a business or change career paths—this is it!

And if this sounds too good to be true for you…

You might have already heard that more than 50% of small businesses are started by women in their 50s.

And the women who are part of the menopause movement who are listening to this podcast…

These are the women who are gonna start businesses.

And these are the women that need support.

That could be YOU.

If you have a calling, that calling is going to pull you wherever you need to go.

And you don’t have to pay somebody 10,000 or 20,000 dollars a year to show you what to do.

If you want to know more about that, we have a fantastic conversation about this topic of starting over with Jackie Ghedine.

Jackie is a host, co-founder, and chief strategy officer of The Resting Mind, a business coaching and development company for generation X women.

Jackie talks about moving from learning mode to action mode and the science behind active learning PLUS:

• Starting a new business in the second half of life
• What failure is
• Celebrating success and how to do it
• The 8% percent rule
• The most important thing to work on for business success
• How to find clarity in our lives
• What is energy plotting and how to do it
• Money mindset

And stay to the end to find out the best way to put your education into action.

If you’ve ever thought of starting your own business or if you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you’ll be picking up a lot of excellent takeaways from this episode.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction

[3:31] Jackie shares who she is and what she does

[7:03] What makes Jackie different

[8:17] Key to becoming a successful business coach

[9:53] Pick one thing you want to focus on

[11:21] Move from learning mode to action mode

[13:58] What fear is like

[15:20] See one, do one, teach one

[16:24] Redefining failure

[17:14] If you’re not failing, you’re just staying in your comfort zone

[17:34] Overwrite negative biases by recognizing your accomplishments
[18:36] What are your goals?

[19:27] Success breeds more motivation

[20:00] An all or nothing attitude won’t beat your goals

[20:28] Making 1% improvements in everything you do

[22:15] The 8% rule framework

[23:47] Launching a business as you step into midlife

[24:33] Understand yourself first

[26:48] Letting go of what you once thought was true

[30:09] Alignment with your energy and plotting your energy

[31:01] Understanding your greatest energy times

[31:31] Plotting your tasks to enhance productivity

[36:24] Women’s relationship with money

[39:52] Awareness towards your belief towards money

[40:19] Ask for evidence of the truth of what you believe

[42:07] The people you surround yourself with should be additive to you

[42:48] What is the science of active learning?

[44:18] Learn something, do it!

About the Guest:

Jackie Ghedine is a coach, Ted X speaker, and co-founder of The Resting Mind, an online community and coaching company for Gen X women who believe having-it-all means doing-it-all, leaving them overwhelmed and exhausted. Jackie and her co-founder Mimi Bishop host a weekly podcast called, Make Your Life Magnificent, where they talk about issues keeping Gen X women up at night.

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