LYL PODCAST EPISODE 110: Differences Are Dynamite

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I hear from so many women in menopause who don’t want to look in the mirror because their bodies have changed and they don’t recognize themselves anymore.

And I think more than anything else, there’s a big BIG piece of acceptance that’s required to get past any obstacles.

For example, have you ever tried to do something that you were sure you could do but then find out later it was just better to pay someone to do this for you?

That was my experience this week when I tried to shave my dog.

You see, we lost our groomer (and most groomers are full) so we did what any sensible person would do: we washed our dogs.

And that worked for sushi but not for sashimi.

And my thought process was around this: “I shave my head, so how hard can it be to shave my dog?”

Okay, groomers don’t get paid enough.

I tried with two different razors and after an hour of work (and seeing that it wasn’t even)…

I gave up.

When it comes to your goals and progress, how do you deal with obstacles?

How do 1% improvements help you get through the hurdles so you won’t quit?

In today’s episode I’m with guest Sarah Manuel who has never taken no for an answer.

Despite living life in a wheelchair and being given a death sentence as a child, Sarah has never accepted her limitations.

During the podcast we talk about Sarah’s adversity throughout her life PLUS:

• What it’s like living with a disability
• Feeling lost and unfulfilled
• Trying to be someone else
• What circumstances really are
• Celebrating birthdays
• Embracing purpose
• Sarah’s Children’s Book: Differences Are Dynamite

Tune in to this podcast today and find out some simple questions to ask yourself about how to find your purpose!


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Books and Documentaries mentioned in this episode:

• The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

• Differences are Dynamite by Sarah Manuel

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction

[4:46] Sarah shares the death sentence she received when she was a child

[8:42] The power of 1%

[10:50] What Sarah’s childhood was like

[13:14] The cost of denial

[14:56] How acceptance led to Sarah finding her purpose

[17:06] Moving towards your obstacle to get past it

[17:56] Helping kids grapple with their own disability

[18:24] Everyone has differences and those differences have a reason

[19:26] Different is not bad, it’s just different

[20:25] How we choose to view circumstance can create or ease suffering

[22:12] Sarah shares her pregnancy journey

[25:04] The difference in Sarah’s thoughts now compared to her thoughts before

[25:57] Sarah’s book Differences are Dynamite

[26:56] Sarah shares tips women who are going through an existential crisis can do

[29:09] Our mindset has the power to change our whole game

[32:37] Your circumstances don’t have to determine your reality

About the Guest:

Sarah Manuel is living an amazing life, never taking no for an answer. Despite her being in a wheelchair and given a death sentence as a child, Sarah has never accepted her limitations. She told anyone who had listened to her her dreams for the future, including having a meaningful career, falling in love, and having a child, and Sarah successfully turned those dreams into reality. Now, Sarah has taken these hard won lessons and teaches others how to envision the future of their dreams, discover their purpose, and turn their dreams into reality.

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