LYL PODCAST EPISODE 112: Lose Weight for the Last Time

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Let’s talk about thought patterns.

I still find that there are times when I just want to sit and drink even though I quit drinking 2 years ago. I find that it’s one of the things that I crave a lot.

And it probably has something to do with the social aspect associated with drinking.

When I have that craving I think, “Well, I’m gonna feel crappy.”

And we crave things, because it’s our brain trying to save us from ourselves.

What happens is we get into this thought that I’d like to call The Grand Canyon of Thought.

And it’s just something that we say to ourselves over and over again but in reality what we have is an opportunity to change our thoughts.

Whenever we want to make a change, the first thing we need is some awareness.

Because change happens in an instant but it doesn’t mean anything unless we take action.

Have you ever wondered about the 3 things you can do right now to start losing weight?

It doesn’t have to be big.

Because you can’t lose a hundred pounds overnight. It’s just not possible.

But when you start to be the person who lost a hundred pounds, that’s when you can step into that change.

And I talk more about that in today’s podcast episode with Katie Corbett who has a master’s degree in community health education and is a certified health education specialist.

She also teaches busy moms how to manage stress and anxiety without using food and how to make time for self-care.

During the podcast, we talk about how Katie gained 70 pounds and how she lost it PLUS:

• Caring for everyone and putting yourself last.

• The thing that made Katie feel jealous (she’s not a jealous person) 

• A year of grace

• It all starts with awareness

• The three things you can do right now to start losing weight.

• The 5 pillars of weight loss

• How to be less reactive

Tune in today to find out the best ways to lose weight that don’t involve diet and exercise!


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Books and Documentaries mentioned in this episode:

• The Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice is Making Us Worse

• The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction

[5:24] How Katie gained all the weight

[8:19] Katie’s year of grace

[10:36] Three things to start losing weight

[18:49] Awareness of the patterns you’re doing helps you address it

[19:53] Look for other ways to light yourself up aside from food

[22:20] The five pillars of weight loss

[31:47] Challenge your thoughts

[42:08] How to stop being reactive

[44:34] Plan instead of being reactive

[48:13] The best way to lose weight without diet and exercise

About the Guest:

Katie Corbett struggled with weight for the better part of three decades. She finally figured out how to have peace with food, stay at a happy weight even after 40’s, having EIGHT children. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Certified Wellness and Health Coach, who specializes in weight loss coaching. Her deepest desire is to come alongside you and teach you how to get that weight off once and for all.

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