LYL PODCAST EPISODE 118: 3 Pillars of Freedom

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The woman who works in my house is from Poland and she was telling me that their schools are teaching this now: The girls’ job is to stay at home, be a good wife, have children, cook, and clean.

And that’s what we had in the 50s, so I don’t understand why we’re going backwards.

I think as women, it’s our job to spread the word that we have choices, and we don’t have to serve others.

Because when we get used to putting others first, we forget that we also need care.

Our bodies are important too.

And as our brain changes as we lose estrogen during menopause…

We go through this period of maybe not recognizing ourselves or feeling like an alien has beamed down and taking control.

But as I always say, you can make menopause the best time of your life when you understand how you can create a life you love.

I have gotten so much freedom from menopause.

And you can too.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m with Jennifer Helene who has been an international entrepreneur for over two decades. She’s fully equipped and capable to support strong women in whatever circumstance they’re in.

With her expertise in nutrition and behavioral change, she believes that the key to achieving optimal health is a combination of fine tuning nutrition, embodiment practices like yoga and sports plus mindset training.

During the podcast we talked about Jennifer’s health scare at age seven AND:

• Health as a secret to unlock the three pillars to freedom

• The conflicting demands society places on women

• Divine contracts

• Accessing the feminine

• Chinese medicine as a way to ease hormone problems

• Shame and managing emotions

And stay to the end to find out how to speak the language of your body.

Tune in today to find out how to nourish your body and get the mental clarity you need as you get on top of menopause!


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Books and Documentaries mentioned in this episode:

• The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy:

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction

[6:01] Jennifer’s health journey

[8:45] The trinity to freedom from pain and suffering

[9:40] Importance of diet

[10:27] Change through embodiment

[16:58] Is symptom-free menopause a thing?

[21:46] Dealing with hormone imbalance

[28:47] Breaking the stigma for menopause

[32:44] Implications of sudden menopause with hysterectomy

[36:02] Fat balance in relation to menopause

[43:31] Speaking the language of your body

About the Guest:

Jennifer Helene Popken, M.S. is a globally acclaimed entrepreneur and life coach focusing on nutrition and behavioral change. In 2015, she became the CEO of Purposeful Ventures, LLC, a company that develops training methodologies and innovative content strategies for Learning Management Systems (LMS). She is also a managing director at Noble Manhattan Ltd.

As a lifestyle coach, she aims to educate moms about food, fitness, and mindset to help revitalize their life.

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