LYL PODCAST EPISODE 119: Courage to Change

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“I am” is a very powerful statement.

It’s the statement of identity and it’s so much more than a story. I used to say I hate running, until I actually did it.

I’m not gonna say it’s always easy. On some days, it really sucks because the runs are difficult.

But the body can do a lot more than we think.

I had this big epiphany about weight loss because weight loss is hard.

And it’s hard for a number of reasons. I think one of the reasons it’s hard is because we have to change things and change behaviors (that’s hard too).

I didn’t start running until menopause (I mean, I ran when I was 18 and then when I was in high school just for fun, then I had open heart surgery, and I never went back to it).

Back in 2015, we filmed a TV show, and we went to Majorca so I had to train to go up a mountain.

I rode my bike up this mountain, trained with a trainer, and then I realized that I could do a lot more with this body and I was probably 30 or 40 pounds heavier than I am now when we filmed that.

Now I’m 56 years old, and I was able to do that because of persistent focused effort.

And what I tell the women who joined my programs, especially in the Meno-Mastery Academy, is that when you want to get started with something, it’s really about finding something that’s impossible to fail at.

And then just continuing.

Because those little wins stack.

I talk more about that in today’s episode with national board certified clinical health and wellness coach, Emily Marquis.

She’s an RYT 200 yoga instructor and mindfulness consultant. With her combined coaching and corporate HR background, Emily also worked with clinics and fellow practitioners to create a village for clients to best support their well being.

During the podcast, we talk about how Emily became a health coach AND:

• Burnout: What it is and how to avoid it.
• How to get started with self-care
• Identity and the stories we tell ourselves
• Fitting in
• Motivation
• Courage to try something new.
• Change is a process of trial and error
• The American healthcare system

And stay to the end to find out how to let go of perfectionism.

Tune in today and find the courage to change!


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction

[4:43] How Emily got into health & wellness

[6:41] Defining burnout, how to diagnose it, and treat it

[12:38] Creating a nighttime routine

[14:52] What is the biggest complaint menopausal women have?

[22:13] Fear of failure – taking the first step

[22:57] Trial and error

[25:32] The stories we tell ourselves

[32:56] How to practice meditation

[33:58] What is health and wellness coaching?

[41:53] Letting go of perfect

About the Guest:

Emily Marquis is a nationally board certified (NBHWC) clinical health and wellness coach supporting clients in creating healthy habits to reduce and prevent chronic illness.

She has her master’s degree in health & wellness coaching, NAHU certification in employee wellness, 10 years of professional experience and has overcome many life & health challenges of her own.

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