LYL PODCAST EPISODE 123: Drop the Menopause Weight (Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast Ep. 96)

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My whole body image issue started when I was in ballet as a child.

I was always bigger than the other kids and we had to wear these waistbands around our waist.

It was just this little band of elastic, but it always just made me feel so fat. I was a nine-year-old girl and I never felt really good about my body.

You see, I was always super sporty, and more of a tomboy than anything else.

And so I just didn’t fit in ballet.

When I look back at my teens, my twenties, my thirties, my forties…

Every stage of my life, I was fat.

And as I sat down when menopause hit me with a sudden increase in weight, I was like, “Wait a minute. I wish I was fat like I was in my twenties.”

I started thinking about how I was talking to myself and how I was beating down on myself.

And I don’t think I’m alone.

In fact, a lot of women really have difficulty losing weight after having children.

Then life hits us or our kids grow up and we’re like, “What’s next?” and before we know it, menopause comes in.

And we get that MENO-Belly.

Suddenly it’s hard to look in front of the mirror.

At least it was for me, and I was so upset.

But I love the body I have now.

I can do a lot more with it than I used to.

So what is the best way to get started with this journey?

We talk about that with behavior change specialist and transformation coach, Greg Cormier in today’s first episode of The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast.

Greg has helped hundreds of women across North America lose weight through self-acceptance, support, and accountability. He leads the Menopause Movement 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge, and he’s supported hundreds of women get their bodies back in all phases of life.

During the podcast, Greg shares his mission, journey, and why he became a weight loss coach PLUS:

– How to get started with weight loss

– The all or nothing mentality
– It’s not your fault
– Dealing with overwhelm
– What to focus on for success
– Why challenges work
– The role community plays in your success
– Examples of success stories
– What about exercise?
– The importance of simplicity
– Separating data from drama

And stay to the end to find out how to be successful in this program, even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked in the past.

Remember, the scale is just a number. It’s not your identity.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

Discussion Points:

[0:00] Introduction & Offer
[3:30] Greg shares his story and what he does
[7:40] Best way to get started in losing the weight
[12:08] Failure is part of the process
[13:59] Quick wins
[15:57] Why is a challenge the way to go?
[17:09] The importance of the community aspect in success
[18:41] 28-day challenge success stories
[32:50] Addressing hesitations and doubts regarding the challenge
[35:37] Simplicity is key
[36:26] Top things to do to get results and find success
[38:54] What can women expect from joining the challenge?
[40:46] What happens after the 28-day challenge?

About the Guest:

Greg Cormier is a certified Pre & Postnatal Coach, Online Trainer, & Behavior change specialist. He has helped hundreds of women across North America lose weight through online group coaching and 1on1 programs that teach self-acceptance, support, and accountability.

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