LYL PODCAST EPISODE 124: What Does Fat Have To Do With Weight In Menopause? (The Best of the Menopause Movement Podcast Episode 95)

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When it comes to food, I always go back to Hippocrates who said, “Let food be thy medicine.”

But living in a society (especially here in America) where everything is run by corporations, I saw a big change in how we eat. In the 80’s we lost the family farms, then we stopped regional eating.

And even though I went to medical school, there was no nutritional training.

When menopause hit me several years ago, it felt like I had gained 50 pounds almost overnight (mostly around my belly), and in addition to all the other symptoms of sleepless nights and brain fog, I started really hating myself and I just didn’t understand why.

That’s when Dr. Cate Shanahan’s book, Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food came into my life. By making a few simple tweaks, I started to feel better.

And one of the changes I made for my body has to do with seed oils.

There’s almost an unlimited supply of them and can be produced a hundred times more than we can ever produce olive oil or avocado oil.

In the Menopause Movement’s courses, I talk a lot about how sugar’s not good for us by any means, but I think it’s nowhere near as toxic as seed oils. Not to mention that this gets to weight gain since it changes our cravings (it can make you want more sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods that raise blood sugar).

But it doesn’t end there. Seed oils deplete your brain of energy.

When your cells don’t get energy from fat, they have to go for something else (sugar) which can lead to migraines or worse: insulin resistance.

We talk about that and more in today’s second episode of The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast with globally recognized nutrition and metabolism thought leader, New York Times bestselling author, and speaker, Dr. Cate Shanahan.

She was a nutritional consultant for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2011-2016 and has appeared in Good Morning America, Scientific American, Sports Illustrated, CNN, Men’s Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Prevention Magazine, Vogue, National Geographic, GQ, the New York Post, Woman’s World, and People Magazine, just to name a few.

During the podcast, we talk about Dr. Shanahan’s story of nutritional experience AND:

– Why we gain weight in the first place
– The lack of nutritional training in medical school
– What is inflammation and what is inflammatory?
– Why are seed oils so bad and their history
– The role the American Heart Association plays in nutritional guidelines and how they were first funded
– Seed oils and cravings
– Insulin resistance
– The role nutrition plays in migraines

And stay to the end to discover the four pillars of the human diet and the number one thing Dr. Cate recommends in addition to cutting seed oils from your diet.

You don’t need permission to eat good food. Tune in today to find out how you can rehabilitate your body fat so you can give your brain the energy it needs between meals and eventually take back control of your life!


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

Discussion Points:

[0:00] Introduction and Offer
[4:56] Dr. Cate shares her story of deep nutrition and talks about her new book
[7:25] Lack of nutritional training in medical school
[9:21] Seed oils
[14:38] Insulin resistance and the concept behind it
[16:52] How saturated fat got a bad name
[18:11] Deep nutrition and traditional food
[23:35] Burning your body fat, giving your body energy is key to control
[24:12] Migraine headaches with aura is an experience of energy deficit
[25:11] Study about the good effects of avoiding seed oils and getting healthy fats
[26:17] Getting proper education about nutrition
[28:05] How medical institutions are not open to understanding proper nutrition
[30:54] Dr. Cate shares a story about her uncle
[33:26] Vegetable oils and epigenetics
[37:12] What led Dr. Cate to do her research on what is a healthy diet
[40:35] The four pillars of the human diet
[45:22] How to take control of your life nutrition-wise

About the Guest:

Dr. Cate Shanahan is the leading authority on nutrition and human metabolism. A board-certified Family Physician with over 20 years of clinical experience, and NY Times bestselling author of The FatBurn Fix, Deep Nutrition and Food Rules, her expertise is fixing the underlying problems that cause metabolic damage and inflammation, leading to autoimmunity, weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and accelerated aging processes. Her passion is helping people feel their best.

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