LYL PODCAST EPISODE 125: Is It Me Or Is It Menopause? (The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast Ep. 90)

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On average, women spend $20,000 trying to solve their menopause problems.

It starts when we notice the changes in our body and then we ask things like…

“Why do I feel the way I am?”

“Why do I hurt the way I am?”

“Why do I think the way I do?”

And since there just isn’t a lot of information out there on how to manage the symptoms of menopause, it can get overwhelming.

For me, as menopause approached, I had what I like to call an existential crisis (where I went from an atheist to a spiritualist). I was like, “Well, what’s my legacy going to be? And how am I going to help people?”

During that time I was still a surgeon, and it’s not like I didn’t have a high-impact job.

It isn’t like I didn’t save lives for a living…

But I just didn’t find that challenging or fulfilling anymore.

There comes a point in our lives where we do something for so long and we train for years…

And then it just stops being challenging.

In my case, I needed a new challenge—all while I was thinking, “What is going on?” because menopause hit me.

One of my questions during that time was, “Why can’t I find any help?”

And that’s how we’ve got the Menopause Movement now, helping as many women as we can to discover that suffering is optional.

Through the MENO-Mastery Academy, women in menopause can join a community of women who are choosing to feel like themselves again.

These women (we call them MENO-Mates) are looking at life differently, and changing their perspective to understand that we have a lot of power in our life.

And they do this one small action at a time.

It’s amazing when they share that the experience opens up possibilities that they themselves never even think of.

If you’re experiencing hot flashes, mood, swings, headaches, and all the other symptoms of menopause, and you’re looking into becoming a part of this community, your questions will be answered in today’s third episode of The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast.

Tammy Lemesurier shares her MENO-Mate journey and how the MENO-Mastery Academy was a real eye-opener for her as she started to feel better one day at a time.

She’s a regional executive chef nutritionist, mom to two and a death doula.

During the podcast we discussed what her life was like before she joined in the BETA course: Understanding Your Hormones and Managing Your Menopause, the MENO-Mastery Academy, and became a MENO-Mate PLUS:

– The importance of community in menopause and in life
– Tammy’s biggest Aha as a MENO-Mate
– How stacking small changes can lead to what feels like a huge change
– Tammy’s relationship with grief and loss and how the MENO-Mate way of thinking helped her to reframe it
– The importance of visualization in life

And stay to the end to find out what a death doula is. How it works, how she works as a death doula and why it’s so important to her.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

Discussion Points:

[0:00] How Tammy got in as a MENO-Mate
[1:35] The MENO-Mate way of eating
[3:56] Tammy’s biggest skepticism about joining
[7:13] The community aspect of The Menopause Movement
[9:27] Tammy’s ‘aha’ moment
[11:14] Other changes Tammy noticed in her life because of joining
[14:31] Self-acceptance is Tammy’s biggest change
[15:34] Toxic positivity
[16:02] Dealing with grief
[18:23] Tammy testifies that life got better
[20:19] Tammy encourages those who are on the fence
[23:11] Suffering reduced, energy increased
[25:03] Tammy’s work as a death doula
[29:17] Death is a difficult conversation
[29:47] Preparedness helps with grief
[31:40] Why Tammy loves the The Menopause Movement
[35:39] Visualization
[38:21] Chronic pain
[41:47] Being okay with where you are right now

About the Guest:

Tammy LeMesurier is a regional executive chef and a nutritionist. She is a mother to two, and after the deaths of her grandson and her best friend, she became a death doula. She helps people deal with death, prepare for it, and ease conversations around it. Tammy is one of our MENO-Mates who has seen significant improvement in her life after joining the MENO System.

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