LYL PODCAST EPISODE 128: How MENO-Mate Amanda Got Her Mojo Back (The Best of the Menopause Movement Podcast Episode 34)

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Some say that with menopause, we just have to go through it. And some have gone through it for 5 years, 10 years, and even 20 years.

Even I remember my surgeon friends telling me that I just have to suffer through it.

I wasn’t having any of it because I believed there must be a way to manage the symptoms and get me back.

And this is really important because if you’re a woman who is really struggling with lashing out, remembering things, or if you’re really wondering what’s happening…

I’m here to tell you that with menopause and life, suffering is optional.

Getting your mojo back is possible.

In the Menopause Movement, we have developed programs meant to help women feel like themselves again and one of them is the MENO-Mastery Academy.

One of the OG MENO-Mates is Amanda who also didn’t want to put up with suffering in menopause.

At first, she didn’t know she was experiencing menopause until she started to get symptoms like hot flashes which according to her, she was standing outside in the backyard in the middle of winter because she was so freaking hot permanently.

But after she joined the program, it didn’t matter how many symptoms she was suffering from. She went from battling her negative thoughts to changing her life for the better.

We talk about that and MORE in today’s The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast:

– Amanda’s life before joining the MENO-System
– How connecting with the community and her fellow MENO-Mates made her feel less alone in menopause and in her life
– How she transformed her body and lost more than 35 pounds since joining the program.
– What being a MENO-Mate means to her and how her entire life has changed after purchasing the MENO System

If you’ve been looking for a reason to start living your best life in menopause, this episode is for you!


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

Discussion Points:

[04:11] How Amanda discovered The Menopause Movement
[04:59] What made Amanda so interested in The Menopause Movement
[07:28] How The Menopause Movement helped Amanda bounce back from her accident
[09:17] Why did Amanda gain weight even though her food intake didn’t change?
[10:41] What are the benefits of CBD in Menopause?
[11:23] What was Amanda’s biggest scepticism before signing up?
[14:59] What does Amanda think of the program after signing up?
[16:55] Amanda’s “Aha!” moment when she signed up for the program
[20:02] How has Amanda’s life changed as she started to implement the MENO Mate way of living?
[24:29] Why Amanda likes the 6th module of the program
[27:32] Why should you consider joining The Menopause Movement?
[33:53] Why should you be a part of The Menopause Movement?
[36:02] Is there any other community out there that would talk about the experiences of going through menopause?
[39:14] What is Amanda’s message to those who are going through menopause?
[44:58] Listen to Amanda’s testimonial

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