LYL PODCAST EPISODE 131: How Meno-Mate Yanick Lost 52 Pounds and Started Loving Life Again

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Are you tired of trying?

“I have tried working out, eating healthy and still gaining weight. I do eat when bored but try to pick healthy options.”

“I have tried talking to my doctor and they seem like it’s not a big deal and run me through a bunch of tests. This has been going on for over a year and my hot flashes are intense and happen like every 20 minutes.”

“My memory is shot, I can’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time, I’m exhausted and cranky. I have tried herbal med, acupuncture, sleeping pills..nothing works.”

It’s so easy to have an all or nothing kind of attitude and say, “I tried this, I tried that before.”

Especially when we feel discouraged.

But when it comes to believing in ourselves, sometimes we have to take that leap of faith.

That’s what Yanick Séïde did when she joined the MENO-Mastery Academy.

Yanick joined our MENO-Mastery Academy in July of 2020. At that time, she had been contemplating a career move for over 10 years.

As a result of the action steps she took as a MENO-Mate, Yanick not only lost 52 pounds, but she quit her management position in her corporate job and started her coaching practice, Chrysalis Women Empowerment.

With her passion to empower women to become the women they are destined to be, Yanick is now a certified life coach and a certified ketogenic nutrition coach with a Master’s in Adult Education.

On today’s episode, we’re going to talk about Yanick’s biggest fears about joining the MENO-Mastery Academy and what was holding her back PLUS:

– How to improve motivation
– Regaining control of her body and her symptoms
– How she was able to find purpose and take action toward it
– Rediscovering herself
– Finding the courage to make change and how it felt when she finally took action.
– Feeling empowered around controlling her menopause symptoms
– Sleeping through the night and how that helped her improve her decision making process
– Finding joy through following her passion
– The cost of not being aware of her limitations

Yanick achieved what she previously thought was impossible, and she started with an investment in herself.

It’s never too late for you too.

Tune in today and find your personal “Aha!” moment.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction
[5:18] Where Yanick lives and what she currently does for a living
[6:09] Yanick’s biggest skepticism before investing in herself as a MENO-Mate

[8:24] The all-or-nothing mindset and taking the leap of faith
[10:27] Yanick’s first “Aha!” moment with the Menopause Movement
[12:10] How Yanick regained herself and found her sense of purpose
[17:59] Yanick’s career change
[20:18] The powerful visualization exercise that shifted Yanick’s perspective
[21:38] Yanick’s biggest win as a MENO-Mate and how the MENO-Mastery Academy helped her
[25:05] What first changed for Yanick after becoming a MENO-Mate
[25:34] Yanick’s biggest leap of faith
[32:23] How Yanick lost 52 pounds in the last 15 months
[37:05] Sleeping through the night and feeling refreshed in the morning
[38:25] Following your passion and what it means
[40:50] Yanick’s message to women who are still on the fence about becoming a MENO-Mate
[41:16] How much time a day it took Yanick to start investing on herself and make changes
[43:32] How Yanick handles setbacks with her eating habits
[46:52] Yanick’s heartfelt message about becoming a MENO-Mate

About the Guest:

Yanick Séïde is a certified Life Coach and a certified Ketogenic Nutrition Coach with an educational background of Masters of Adult Education and possesses extensive experience in Human Resources. Her professional journey was a path that took her from Communications operator in the Navy, language teacher, conference interpreter & translator, to human resources consultant where she also had the Official Languages, Employment Equity and Diversity portfolios. From there she moved on to Learning and Organizational Development where she was a Learning Consultant, and finally in a management position. She also coordinated mentoring programs in the different government departments where she worked. She also was a mentor for The Lieutenant-governor’s mentoring Program for Women in Leadership mentoring

Her personal and professional experience gave her a great understanding of how one is able rise above adversity, handle life’s challenges from a woman’s perspective and equip her to help her clients through the obstacles they face. Her aspiration is to empower, motivate and help her clients attain their goals to become the best version of themselves.

After developing an autoimmune disease, she experienced a sudden weight gain and other physical ailments that she could not overcome until she adopted the ketogenic diet. This has inspired her to pursue a course in Ketogenic Diet coaching.

She has recently retired from her position to pursue her passion and started her coaching company, Chrysalis Women Empowerment. She offers life, career and ketogenic nutrition coaching while empowering women to become the women they are destined to be.

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