LYL PODCAST EPISODE 132: Embracing Transitions

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I’m 57 and I’m really proud of my body.

I’m proud of the life I’ve created.

And it’s thanks to menopause.

I know.

How can I thank menopause when all it brought me was 50 pounds of additional weight, a brain fog that affected my job as a surgeon, and lack of sleep?

Menopause taught me that it’s not just a phase… It’s a privilege of a long life.

Privilege of a long life is such a great thing that even though I had such an existential crisis, it brought me to learning my own personal mastery.

That’s why I lost over 50 pounds…

That’s why I have a clearer mind…

And that’s why I can sleep through the night.

I like to look at it like this: if we’re not in menopause, then we’re either young or we’re dead.

Change requires awareness and it’s not easy. That’s why we need support.

I started the Menopause Movement to support women through the transition so that we can improve relationships.

And we start with you.

Because when you start within, you improve your relationship with yourself that spills over into all the rest of your relationships.

Here’s a bonus: When you start to find your personal “Why” you begin to do things for yourself and not to please other people.

That’s when you start to glow.

I talk about more of that with TEDx speaker, podcaster, beauty biohacker, and Clubhouse and Instagram influencer, Elizabeth Molina.

Elizabeth is the founder of the Molina Glow and she focuses on holistic beauty. Her compelling history of domestic violence and survival led her to the TEDx stage. She’s a model on a mission to redefine the WHY surrounding people’s beauty choices and practices.

On today’s episode we talk about holistic beauty, aging gracefully PLUS:

– The shame around menopause
– How menopause is not a dirty word
– Elizabeth’s personal story of triumph over adversity
– Embracing transition
– Surrender

And stay to the end for Elizabeth’s take on the importance of why you do anything, especially your beauty routine and doing things for YOU.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

[0:00] Introduction
[3:00] The shame around menopause and ending the stigma around it
[5:43] Why menopause is not a dirty word
[7:15] The beauty standards for women
[9:49] What holistic beauty is and aging gracefully
[12:23] Elizabeth’s TEDx story and how she survived domestic violence
[15:46] How personal mastery leads to a happy life
[17:00] The different ages to fall into menopause
[22:00] The Molina Glow
[25:38] How to embrace transition
[29:20] What surrender looks like
[33:05] The “Why” behind Elizabeth’s beauty routine

About the Guest:

Elizabeth Molina is a TEDx Speaker, Beauty Guru, Podcaster, Expert on all things Beauty, and Founder of Molina Glow. She’s a certified Holistic Health and Life coach, a former medical sales specialist, and ranked Top 3 nationally in sales in the pharmaceutical arena. She created The Molina Glow to be a place for women to have access to the latest innovative beauty treatments and also provide them with a no B.S. look at beauty routines. Her personal story of survival has led her to become a model on a mission and redefine the why surrounding beauty practices.

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