LYL PODCAST EPISODE 136: Should You Really Take Supplements for Menopause? (The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast Episode 36)

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I would never buy an over the counter hormone without expert advice.

The closest thing I come to is phytoestrogens like flaxseeds, and it’s something you can’t really take too much.

We have been taught by the medical establishment that a pill can fix our symptoms, but I’m a firm advocate of taking nutrients from whole foods.

But since carrying a container of bone broth everyday is not really convenient for most of us, how can we get supplements like calcium, vitamin D, and fatty acids without breaking the bank while avoiding adverse side effects?

As Dr. Sharzad Green says, “It’s better to do it scientifically rather than shoot in the dark.”

Dr. Green is a pharmacist who received her doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Arizona in 1990. For the past 20 years, her practice has been laser focused on women’s health and integrative medicine.

And in today’s episode of The Best of Menopause Movement Podcast, we’re going to talk about Supplementation for Menopause Part 1 and answer your questions like:

Should I really eat dairy?

How often should I take melatonin so I can sleep through the night?

Should I be careful with my collagen intake?

And much more.

During the podcast, we start off talking about permission, and how we are programmed to wait for permission as women PLUS:

• How we have a relationship with ourselves first before any other person
• The use of lubricants and FabuVag
• Supplementation and menopause
• The sheer volume of options on the drugstore shelves and online
• How marketing attempts to drive our behavior (and that may not be the best thing)
• Early perimenopausal symptoms and what they mean and why expert advice is so important when it comes to your health and supplements
• The role influencers on social media play in our decisions as consumers
• How paying for expert advice might actually lead to an increase in your bottom line when it comes to supplements
• The danger of over the counter hormone supplementation
• Specific symptoms like insomnia, memory issues, bone health, and saggy skin and the ways we can supplement to help them

Tune in today and find out your supplement options for better health!


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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

[03:35] How I felt after cutting my hair short
[06:42] Why a vibrant sex life affects women
[07:01] Why having a relationship with yourself is okay
[09:36] Why childbirth is all about women
[12:14] Why supplements can be overwhelming
[16:39] How supplements help women
[17:18] Why you should talk to an expert and not Dr. Google or Wikipedia
[21:51] How important it is to seek expert advice
[26:43] Why we do it with the best intentions
[27:18] What are the common things that women use
[30:10] What are the symptoms of too much progesterone
[30:55] Why women experience insomnia
[34:10] Why do we feel like we have memory loss
[38:47] How important calcium is
[47:29] What can we do for our skin
[55:48] What brand should we look for

About the Guest:

With over 20 Years of experience in the area of pharmaceutical compounding, Dr.Sharzad Green has been a pioneer in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), sexual dysfunction, adrenal fatigue & nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Green is passionate about teaching other pharmacists and healthcare providers through individual or group courses. She started seeing patients for private self-paid consultations 20 years ago. Over 15,000 patients have benefited from her services. Dr. Green’s teaching for other healthcare providers has been ongoing for 15 plus years. I can help your practice grow and succeed by doing your patient consultations or by teaching and guiding you and your staff. She can be a speaker at the next meeting with your group of doctors. Dr. Sharzad Green can teach them how to prescribe compounds especially BHRT. She is passionate about physical and mental health, quality of life and integrative medicine. She is an entrepreneur and the creator of FabuVag® vaginal moisturizer. FabuVag® is all-natural, no RX required and formulated based on studies. DM her for wholesale pricing. At

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