LYL PODCAST EPISODE 158: The Top Mindset and Habit Shifts for Permanent Weight Loss

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When I first started running, I ran 30-40 seconds at a time and my heart rate would go up into the one eighties.

And then I would walk while I caught my breath.

Then I’d run again.

The longest race I ever did was the Falmouth Road Race, which was seven miles and I did 11 minutes per mile.

Exercise is a hundred percent dose dependent.

And when you do it, you get better at it just by taking little steps.

As adults, we sometimes think that we should be really good at everything we try.

And if something doesn’t work right away, we think that we have to give it up.

I like to tell people I work with that anything worth doing is worth sucking at it first.

Because babies are not born walking.

Everything takes time.

Because when it comes to making any change, it’s important that we don’t try to change everything all at once and we don’t have an all-or-nothing attitude because that’s just defeatist.

In today’s episode of The Launch Your Life Podcast, I’m with Stephanie Lueras who is a body positive ACE certified personal trainer, ACE fitness, nutrition specialist, international best-selling author, and speaker.

She was sick and tired of being sick and tired and needed some changes. Through small actions and goal-setting, Stephanie has lost over 200 pounds.

During the podcast, you’re going to discover the power of habits and making lasting change PLUS:

The importance of routine and accountability
How to change your relationship with failure
How to let go of the importance of a number when it comes to weight and health
The mindset shifts required to lose 200 pounds and keep it off
Why accountability matters

Tune in today!


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Books mentioned in this episode:

A Beautiful Work In Progress by Mirna Valerio
Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

00:00 Intro
05:17 Making little habits to create change
10:18 Changing our relationship with failure
15:06 Looking at our beliefs about being a woman
16:44 Finding something bigger to move into purpose
19:48 Letting go of expectations
24:57 Seeing ourselves as adults
28:27 How to start losing weight
31:13 Making friends with our brain
32:55 Why integrity is important for success

About the Guest:

Stephanie Lueras is a body positive certified personal trainer dedicated to working one-on-one in-person and online with specific client-created holistic goals to help them be the best they can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

She owns Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness where she works with clients virtually and in-person to break down the barriers in achieving fitness, wellness, and accountability goals—no matter the starting point.

She believes in a holistic pursuit of balance where we strive for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness to be our best selves possible.

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