LYL PODCAST EPISODE 163: Growing Pains 2 – Self-Sufficiency, Independence, and Competition (Memoir Series)

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Five was a pivotal year for me. It was the year I learned the world isn’t safe as I created some really strong beliefs about life and myself.

And these ran as subconscious programming for years.

In today’s episode of The Launch Your Life Podcast, I share stories about my childhood beliefs, my family’s competitive culture that led to strained relationships, how I made my voice heard as a 5-year-old in a family where women’s opinion didn’t matter, and much more.


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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

00:00 Intro
01:50 My first pivotal year
02:05 Deep self-sufficiency
03:55 Competition
06:16 Feeling heard
08:14 Why I’m a doctor

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